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24 Dec 2018:
The many irritating underline of my Volvo

It comes to something when a many irritating bit of a automobile is a luggage cover (or parcel shelf if you’re aged school) though now that’s what is frustrating me in a XC60. Of all a things to dispute about, I’m carrying a blubber about a shifting cover that sits in a boot.

So because is it annoying? Well it doesn’t slip adult and down automatically, that means we some-more mostly than not get into a car, check my counterpart and find a outrageous black thing in a approach of a behind view. If I’m propitious I’ll notice before I’ve driven off, though customarily it’s as I’m half approach off a drive, that means customarily putting adult with it for a journey. we could of march stop by a side of a highway and arrange it out, though we never do…

This might seem like a teenager thing, after all it’s customarily a matter of me indeed remembering to slip it down after I’ve unloaded things from a boot, though it’s not what you’d design on a reward automobile that costs this most (more than £50k for a T5 we’re running).

I recently gathering a V90 that managed to slip a luggage cover adult and down with a tailgate, though a XC60 doesn’t. Yet this is arguably marketed as equally, if not more, of a family car. The V90 also came with inbuilt blinds in a behind doors, that a XC60 doesn’t have, though that’s a whole other story…

Annoying luggage cover aside, what we have been regulating a lot newly (especially with arm fulls of presents) is a feet opening tailgate. These are zero new of course, though it’s a initial time I’ve run a automobile with it fitted. It kind of works. Volvo says we need to make one slow brazen kicking suit underneath a left-hand territory of a behind bumper. Then take a step back.

You can have a pivotal adult to a metre from a tailgate, that is accessible if your other half has a pivotal in their bag. We do get it to work, though it takes a few attempts and can be a bit strike and miss. It customarily decides to open customarily as I’m meditative what an simpleton we contingency demeanour overhanging my leg about like an hypothetical football has rolled underneath.

I like it as an idea, though in reality, it’s quicker to customarily get a pivotal and open it from there, even if it means putting bags of selling down for a minute.

With Christmas customarily around a corner, a XC60 will be covering a satisfactory few miles saying family and no doubt a exhilarated seats and exhilarated steering circle will be put to good use. I’m also formulation to get a roof box propitious to a Volvo for trips divided subsequent year. Which will no doubt assistance a fuel economy…

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