The Miata Is Mazda’s Best Car. Now They’ve Made It Even Better

Mazda has half a dozen clearly opposite models opposite a lineup, from a full-size SUV to mixed sedans to a four-door hatchback. None of them, however, get a same volume of pushing as a MX-5 Miata roadster, generally when an all-new chronicle comes out. The MX-5 represents Mazda’s ethos, a company’s heart and soul. It’s a usually automobile Mazda builds that is regularly put underneath a high-intensity microscope, scrutinized by enthusiasts to make certain each box is ticked and each aim hit. When a latest-generation MX-5 was unveiled and driven, it seemed as nonetheless Mazda had strike another home run — or during slightest burst a round low into a outfield.

Everything about a 2015 MX-5 was all anyone could have hoped for — solely for one thing. The engine. It wasn’t bad by any measure, it usually fell brief on relating a glorious doing of a framework carrying it. There were cries for some-more power; a engine, during 155 horses, fitting those cries. In parsimonious and twisty corners a powerplant felt right during home, though if we showed it any arrange of straightaway it ran out of steam in a tip end. When a Miata could come out and play, few other cars can compare a fun-factor, though during streetlight drag races, a fad was over.

For 2019 Mazda remade a MX-5. There isn’t a new pattern or rested look, all they did was give a tiny roadster a hotrod diagnosis and batted this one over a track nosebleed domain into a parking lot. Instead of 155 horsepower, a new automobile creates 181.

The Good: The famous lightweight construction, a steering, a planted cornering, a new and softened sharp-witted engine… The list could go on.

Who It’s For: The unsentimental precisionist who still enjoys a disturb of pushing and who thinks ‘connectivity’ refers to purchase and steering feel.

Watch Out For: If we have an eye on a 2019 RF model, prices start around $33,000 and stand fast after that, creeping closer to a $40,000 mark.

Alternatives: As distant as small, affordable rear-wheel-drive coupes go, it’s a slim grid. The bottom indication MX-5 falls in a domain of a Fiat 124 Spider (a automobile it shares a height with) and a compatriot Subaru BRZ. Until a new engine upgrades, a MX-5 was outmuscled though done adult for it by carrying reduction weight. Now that it has a energy to compare Fiat and Subaru fanboys have even reduction of an argument.

• Fiat 124 Spider ($24,995)
• Subaru BRZ ($25,595)

Verdict: I’d like to be means to contend Mazda left itself no room to urge a MX-5 after this much-needed update, though I’m certain a really well-paid engineers are already staring during blueprints that’ll infer me wrong. I’d like to see Mazda flex some flesh and go all-in on a lightweight next-generation instead of adding some-more power, though for now, a ND MX-5 is all a automobile we need to put a grin on your face.

Review: The Mazda MX-5 takes a lot of slam for being ‘tiny’ and ‘cute’ and, historically, a people that consider that aren’t wrong. The stream era MX-5 directed to heal a latter with a sharp, irritable redesign, though a pint-sized status can still be a turn-off for most. But, when people ask me what’s my favorite of all a cars I’ve driven, time and time again, we travel past all of them in my mind’s garage and go to a MX-5. And that’s before Mazda beefed adult a engine and gave it 30-ish some-more horsepower and a aloft redline.

There are other cars some-more stirring to drive, some are memorable practice in their possess right, though nothing of them are as rewarding as a MX-5. There’s no electronic torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive complement or modernized GPS-guided active cessation to keep we on a highway — it’s usually we and one of a many approach and communicative steering and framework setups on a road. Mazda remade a MX-5 for 2019, though as we can tell from a photos, it looks matching to a effusive 2018 indication and that’s given a usually thing that indispensable addressing was a engine.

When a ND era MX-5 pennyless cover and strike a road, it weighed roughly a same as a strange Miata and was down on energy from a prior generation, though Mazda says that was intentional. Mazda was aiming to get a newest MX-5 to resemble a initial MX-5 as many as possible, so a power-to-weight ratio indispensable addressing. The side-effect of that tune-down was that a car’s framework outperforming a engine. In reality, on open roads, that imbalance was usually beheld during a top-end. Otherwise, there was still really tiny to protest about, with possibly a engine or a automobile as a whole.

As good as a first-round ND was, Mazda wanted to residence a complaints about power. Engineers set about reworking lightening a crankshaft, flywheel and a other courage of a engine to lift a redline from 6800rpm to 7500rpm. All of that sounds immaterial in a grand intrigue of things, though what it does is widespread a engine’s energy rope and give it some-more respirating room to put a 181 horsepower to use. Where a aged ND mislaid movement around a 6000rpm mark, it now pulls all a approach to a new redline — domain a effusive MX-5 didn’t seem gentle in, though a 2019 indication revels around.

Mazda’s goal design with a MX-5 is always to make a many strong chronicle of a sports automobile while gripping it receptive and friendly. It’s one of a few cars on a highway in that we can get within murmur widen of a cornering extent corners and still feel protected and within a bounds of sensibility. Try to find a same corner in a 700-horsepower McLaren or even a 444-horsepower Audi RS5 and you’ll find your possess extent of haughtiness before a car’s. The new, some-more absolute MX-5 is as accessible and rewarding as ever, now it simply comes with some-more room to widen a legs.

What Others Are Saying:

• “The Mazda MX-5 still offers some of a best pushing feel on a highway interjection to a offset framework and glorious handling. The 2019 indication offers some-more enthusiast-friendly top-end power, some-more stretchable steering circle positioning and new customary and discretionary reserve tech.” — Antuan Goodwin, Cnet

• “All of a changes volume to a glorious roadster that’s even some-more fun to expostulate and easier to live with. From a viewpoint of someone who owned a 2016 model, a 2019 is value considering. The updates are large adequate to make it a higher automobile that’s some-more polished nonetheless retains a Miata’s mythological playfulness. ” — Stephan Ogbac, MotorTrend

• “No warn that a Miata is a same heavenly in a ravine highway as it ever was, with usually adequate correspondence in a cessation to rivet a motorist and usually adequate hold to concede for predictable, on-going function during a receptive limits.” — Joseph Capparella, Car and Driver

Key Specs: 2019 Mazda MX-5

Engine: 2.0-liter inline four
Horsepower: 181
Torque: 151 lb-ft
Red line: 7,500 rpm
Weight: 2,345 lbs
Price (MSRP): $25,295 (base0

The Mazda MX-5, Triple Distilled

Every Mazda MX-5 given 1989 has rolled off a prolongation line in Hiroshima, Japan. Some usually go on to bigger and improved things. Read a Story

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