The McLaren 720S, The Tesla Model S P100D Killer, Finally Gets Humbled In A Rolling Race

The McLaren 720S is moulding adult to be a favorite among supercar enthusiasts this year. Despite McLaren’s reasonable cost tab for a 720S and a carmaker’s regressive energy estimates for a vehicle, a lightweight supercar has continued to decimate most all a cars it has competed opposite so far. The victims of a McLaren 720S are many, including powerhouses such as a Tesla Model S P100D with Ludicrous+ and a Dodge Viper ACR Extreme.

The Tesla Model S P100D with Ludicrous+ is a beast in a possess right, winning a best names in a automobile business such as Ferraris and Lamborghinis left and right on a entertain mile. When a Tesla Model S P100D met a McLaren 720S, however, a strong EV had to call a white flag, interjection to a 720S’ primal fury.

This time around, however, a McLaren 720S seems to have finally met a match. As demonstrated by DragTimes, YouTube’s proprietor no-nonsense drag racing enthusiast, a seemingly unbeatable McLaren 720S does have a limit, and it came in a form of a heavily mutated Nissan GT-R. That’s right, it took Godzilla on steroids to definitively browbeat a McLaren 720S, though a Japanese monster’s win did not come easy.

On paper, a McLaren 720S is outmatched by a modded GT-R in roughly each aspect. The British supercar is versed with a 4.0-liter Twin Turbo V8 that generates, during slightest according to McLaren, 710hp to a wheels. The 720S is also a back circle expostulate supercar with a 7-Speed Dual Clutch system. Most of all, DragTimes‘ McLaren 720S is wholly stock, with positively no modifications.

The Nissan GT-R, however, is a finish discord of a McLaren 720S. The stats of a GT-R are flattering allied to a 720S, with a 3.8-liter V6 Twin Turbo that, interjection to modifications, generates 1,250 hp. Unlike a McLaren 720S, a GT-R is also an all circle expostulate car with a 6-speed Dual Clutch system.

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The GT-R’s mods, however, are what unequivocally done Godzilla a loyal beast slayer. On tip of a GT-R’s already challenging stats, it was also versed with a Built Motor, Pocket Port Heads, Ferrea Valvetrain, Kelford Cams, Boost Logic IC, an ETS 3582r Turbo Kit, MPI Wastegates and dumps, Fore Triple Fuel Pumps, 2000 CC Injectors – E85 Fuel, and a Shep Stage 2.5 Transmission.

As remarkable in a Car Scoops report, a heavily mutated 1,250 hp GT-R did conduct to common a McLaren 720S in a rolling race. DragTimes‘ video, that could be noticed below, featured dual races between a dual absolute ICE cars, and a formula were still utterly interesting. The initial hitch was a finish mastery by a Nissan GT-R, with a Japanese supercar substantiating a lead early and never vouchsafing on.

The second match, that featured Godzilla in a “Low Boost” setting, was only as interesting, however. Despite a GT-R’s complicated modifications, a McLaren 720S still managed to recover a mislaid grace rather easily. Overall, deliberation a formula of a dual ICE powerhouses’ bout, it seems like it really takes a lot to browbeat a strong McLaren 720S.

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