The McLaren 600LT Is Your New Little Lightweight ‘Long’ ‘Tail’ Lasciviousness

The McLaren Sports Series already comes in a few travel automobile varieties for us U.S. Americans. There’s a 570S, for sportiness, and a 570GT, for comfiness. But where is an ever-so-slightly longer version, for both raciness and longiness? Enter this, a McLaren 600LT.

The “LT” apportionment of “600LT,” if we haven’t guessed by now, stands for “Long Tail,” as in 1997 McLaren F1 GTR Longtail, that attempted to contest in a FIA GT Championship, and that was rather successful until it was positively dejected by a likes of a Mercedes CLK-LM. It had extended and smoothened bodywork, with a aim of both obscure drag and augmenting a volume of downforce, that is useful on marks with outrageous straightaways like a ones during Le Mans. It wasn’t a many successful automobile in a world, though it left a durability bequest in legends like a McLaren F1 GT, that was not usually quick though also looked unequivocally good. And also, it was long.

McLaren followed that adult scarcely 20 years after with a McLaren 675LT, that was a good follow adult to a McLaren 650S, though that wasn’t really longer, and didn’t unequivocally have any some-more dramatically sculpted bodywork than a unchanging cars, though that was crazy, face-rippingly fast.

And now there’s this, a McLaren 600LT.


Okay, okay, so it’s not really longer, either. Well, it kind of is. It’s a whole not-quite-but-almost 3 inches longer than a 570S, interjection to some wing-and-bumper work. But nitpicking over a name and a length like some arrange of prude is boring. This automobile isn’t about such things.

For one, it’s about THESE EXHAUSTS:


Sure, Porsche might’ve pioneered a whole judgment of empty pipes indicating to a sky in prolongation cars with a 918, though we will perpetually disagree that this is a best pattern in a story of amiability and we am blissful McLaren agrees.

Just demeanour during them. So perfect. So pure. So skywards-pointing. we gamble they even boost downforce somehow, since it’s McLaren.


The rest of a automobile is intensely good, too. Power out of a twin-turbo V8 is adult to 592 horsepower and torque is during 457 pound-feet, and a whole shebang is 211 pounds lighter than a 570S, so finally we can move a crony with you, when we finally make one. And a automobile can get even lighter, interjection to options like a CO fiber roof, CO fiber buckets from a McLaren Senna, and vented CO fiber fenders.

And yes, a buckets do demeanour uncomfortable.


McLaren also promises quicker steering, “sharpened responses from a stifle and stop pedals,” and “significantly firmer engine mounts,” that is a criteria for that we always buy my car. It’s all about a engine mountain firmness.

McLaren says we can get a 600LT now for only £185,500, or approximately $242,156. The association went out of a approach to note that a final LT, a 675LT Spider, sole out in dual weeks. So we improved hurry.

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