The Lexus LC Convertible Concept Means Opulent Open Air V8 Joy

Not to be outdone by their cousins during Toyota, a people during Lexus have their possess warn sporty charity for a Detroit Auto Show subsequent week: A droptop chronicle of a fanciful Lexus LC coupe.

While Lexus is doing a whole “wink-wink nudge-nudge” thing about this only being “just a concept,” we can roughly positively design this thing to be in prolongation soon.

Lexus’ press recover is sanctimonious to be heedful on a matter, quoting arch engineer Tadao Mori as saying: “A prolongation chronicle of this judgment would be refreshing in many opposite ways. You would see a energetic lines as we approach, hear a engine when we started it adult and feel all around we once on a road. It would rivet a senses in a approach that is singular and sparkling each time we got behind a wheel.”

Sounds rad! Now build it, we guess. And with this thing looking wholly production-ready down to a permit image spot, we’re betting Lexus will.


The LC Coupe was launched in 2017, finally holding a 2012 LF-LC judgment into prolongation though many changes. While it’s not a fastest automobile around, it’s one of your Jalopnik staff’s favorite grand tourers during a moment—comfortable, absolute and unique, it really commands courtesy wherever it goes. On tip of that, it still uses a naturally aspirated V8 in a roughly all-turbo world, and for that reason alone we’re large fans.

A automobile LC would be fun. Lexus has something of a mottled story with droptops, as things like a last-generation SC and second-generation IS automobile weren’t indeed outrageous hits. The LF-C2 concept was better, though afterwards we listened it got axed since a dealers were pissed they weren’t removing a three-row RX crossover.


Well, that is a thing now, so maybe a Lexus crossover and SUV lineup is sufficient outrageous adequate to try a automobile again. Additionally, we’ve listened newly that this and a performance-oriented LC F have both been green-lit, so good on Toyota and Lexus for perplexing not to be tedious in a automobile landscape increasingly dominated by giant, family-hauling carried hatchbacks.

We’ll see some-more of this thing in Detroit.



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