The Kia Stinger Is The Underdog Story That We Should All Root For …

Among a cars that Kia benchmarked, we consider that a Audi S5 Sportback and BMW 440i Gran Coupe are a many apt. To assistance daydream a Stinger’s size, consider bigger than a BMW 3 Series, nonetheless somewhat smaller than a 5er. The Kia is usually kick by a Panamera in altogether length and usually a Audi A7 has some-more room in terms of load capacity. The Audi S5 and BMW 440i are a closest competitors, given their cost and identical liftback designs. However, a cheapest BMW 440i Gran Coupe starts during $48,300, while a Audi S5 Sportback is even some-more costly during $54,400. Our exam indication was a fully-loaded GT2 indication with a 365 hp twin-turbo V6 and it didn’t even moment a $50,000 mark.

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