The Hyundai Santa Cruz Small Pickup Truck We’ve Been Waiting for Since 2015 Is Coming ‘As Soon As Possible’

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I trust a biggest hole in a American automotive marketplace is a miss of a honestly small, useful pickup truck. Even a trucks that pass for tiny on a marketplace today, like a Chevy Colorado or a Toyota Tacoma, unequivocally aren’t all that small. Back in 2015, though, Hyundai showed a judgment lorry during a Detroit Auto Show that looked like it competence only fill that hole. Finally, it looks like that tiny truck is entrance to market.

In an talk with Autocar, Hyundai pattern arch Luc Donckerwolke pronounced Hyundai’s tiny truck, called a Santa Cruz, will be accessible for sale

“…as shortly as possible. From my side [he means a design] it is finished, a routine to put it into prolongation is now underneath way.”

Realistically, it looks like this means it’ll be accessible for 2020, and a Kia-badged chronicle is expected to follow shortly after.

Strangely, a essay speculates if a lorry might contest with compress trucks or full-size trucks like a Ford F-150, that would advise a distance of a lorry wasn’t nonetheless determined, which, if they’re this tighten to production, it would have to be.

I’m flattering certain a Hyundai lorry will be compact, during slightest by complicated standards, and would contest with a Tacoma, Ford’s returning Ranger, and a new Jeep Gladiator.


It’s expected that, in sequence to equivocate a dreaded Chicken Tax, Santa Cruzes unfailing for a U.S. marketplace would be built in Hyundai’s Montgomery, Alabama factory.

I’m anticipating it’s smaller than all of them. we wish a tiny truck, dammit.

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