The Hyundai Santa Cruz Pickup Truck’s Design Has Changed

Remember a Hyundai Santa Cruz lifestyle pickup judgment from a 2015 Detroit automobile show? Well ,that was a prolonged time ago, and it no longer looks like that.

The unibody compress lorry for immature buyers was well-received and a automaker started work on a prolongation model. It was even given a board’s blessing to add it to a product plan for sale in 2018 as a 2019 model. But a sales slump, a ouster of CEO Dave Zuchowski who was a champion, and a concentration on other vehicles pushed Santa Cruz down a priority list.

Time has upheld and a pattern plan during Hyundai has changed. As a code has matured, there is no longer a need to give each product in a lineup a same look. No some-more Russian dolls, says SangYup Lee, conduct of a Hyundai Global Design Center in Namyang, Korea. He wants new vehicles to be distinguished and different, forcing business to take a closer second demeanour during that indicate they learn it is a Hyundai.

It means that a Santa Cruz, a judgment penned 5 years ago, was designed underneath a aged family-resemblance regime. The pattern had to be updated, while gripping a simple demeanour that done it popular.

The new Santa Cruz “will be a lot some-more distinctive” and have “a lot some-more character,” pronounced Lee in an talk with MotorTrend. It is still a crossover pickup “but a demeanour of it is a lot some-more progressive.” The new demeanour has been finalized and sealed in.

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