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Consumer Reports recently done news when it endorsed Tesla’s new Model 3 usually after a automaker bound a braking problem that Consumer Reports detected during a severe testing. In what could be an automotive first, Tesla bound a problem by what’s called an over-the-air update. Owners didn’t have to take their cars to a dealership for a fix. Could this be a destiny of automobile repairs?

Look underneath a hood of many new cars and it’s transparent that stream automobile record is formed some-more on computers than combustion. In further to that, around 70-percent of automobile brands now offer some kind of wireless information connection, many of them means to send over-the-air — or OTA — updates for things like adding satellite radio channels or updating navigation maps.

But Tesla’s new OTA refurbish done an alleviation to a car’s braking system. Although a approach this composition was done was unique, many vehicles currently need repairs, generally when they’re concerned in a reserve recall. Every
year automakers and a sovereign supervision emanate hundreds of recalls. And since 1 in 4 removed vehicles on a highway has not been fixed, there are substantially millions of automobile owners who might not even comprehend their vehicles need repairs.

While cars are unequivocally apropos computers on wheels, there’s still a lot of hardware. A lot of things are software-controlled, and those can be updated over a air. But when it comes to hardware,  suspensions, springs,
transmissions—a lot of that you’re still going to have to move behind to a play if we need an update.

But Consumer Reports says a awaiting of this record could be flattering great. Being means to accept an OTA update, that doesn’t need we to take your automobile to a dealership, could save owners time and automakers money.

So how distant off is this scenario? Several automakers already have this capability and some-more are on a way, though there are risks. Because while they can refurbish your automobile to make it better, they could also potentially make a mistake. They need to clearly promulgate these changes to drivers since if something changes in a approach we use your car,you need to know that.

You can check to see either your automobile has had any recalls online by using Consumer Reports’ Recall Tracker Tool. Enter your vehicle’s year, make, and indication and we can get a list of recalls along with information on how to get your automobile bound free.

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