The Future Is Now: AeroMobil Debuts Million Dollar Flying Car

Back in 2013, we put we on to a AeroMobil, a bonafide drifting automobile true out of Slovakia. Four years later, and a AeroMobil Flying Car is now accessible for pre-order. This square of a destiny is going to cost we automobile enthusiasts, though, to a balance of 1.2 million to 1.5 million euros (or $1.29 million to $1.61 million).

According to Reuters, a AeroMobil Flying Car was on display during Top Marques Monaco today, and it’s a beauty. It can expostulate on roads like a unchanging car, yet it also has wings and could renovate into “flight mode” in underneath 3 minutes. That doesn’t meant we can only take moody when you’re stranded in traffic, though; we still need to be on an airfield or some other authorized area to fly. You’d also need a driver’s license and a commander license.

Still, this is important. As a child flourishing adult we saw (reruns of) The Jetsons, as good as the Back to a Future movies. An tangible drifting automobile being a thing is insanity. Sadly, with a cost of this bad child being damn nearby $2 million, it feels like it will be eons before these AeroMobils turn mainstream. we can dream, though, right?

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