The Fast Lane: 2017 Fiat 124 Spider – Highlander

The 2017 Fiat 124 Spider flaunts a grand and worldly pattern though suffers from an toilsome turbo lag.
Courtesy of Fiat

Italian cars are famous for carrying some-more impression and aptitude than their rivals during a cost of uneven reliability. The observant goes that Fiat stands for “Fix It Again Tony.” Fiat is mostly famous for a 500, a little city automobile that sole millions worldwide over a 20-year prolongation run and is widely tangible by a iconic looks. Fiat is deliberate one of a many renouned and successful automotive brands in Europe, being one of a few Italian automakers that caters to a reduce finish of a market. When Fiat reentered a U.S. automotive marketplace in a late 2000s with a compress 500, a association had hopes of jolt adult a whole microcar shred in a country.

The city and microcar segments were flourishing fast following a call for some-more fuel fit automobile post-Great Recession. Fiat followed in a footsteps of Mini and Volkswagen by giving a 500 particular retro styling radically recreating a demeanour of a iconic strange Fiat 500 from a 1950s.

The 500 was met with usually assuage success here and has recently been pang from shrinking sales numbers notwithstanding spawning off dual other incomparable variants: The 500X and 500L. In 2012, Fiat announced their second indication to accompany a 500 lineup, a 124 Spider, and that it was going to be a built-in partnership with Mazda alongside a rarely expected fourth-generation Miata. The categorical goal of a try was to emanate dual graphic roadsters built on a same rear-wheel expostulate chassis.

The Mazda Miata is one of a many iconic cars to have ever strike a road. The Miata was recognised to be a devout inheritor to a British MG, Triumph and Austin-Healey roadsters from a 60s and 70s. The Miata directed to be lightweight and simple, nonetheless complicated and many importantly reliable. Since attack a highway in 1989, a Miata has been deliberate one of a best altogether affordable sports cars and has sole hundreds of thousands of units.

The Fiat 124 name traces a roots behind to a little roadster designed by Italian pattern association Pininfarina from a 1960s. The strange 124 was a renouned indication that was, nonetheless tormented by terrible build quality, a fun-to-drive, stylish roadster.

The new 124 attempts to reconstruct a same sorcery and attract that a strange roadster had though this time around with a assistance of a best in a game: Mazda. Right off a bat, a 124’s pattern looks suggestive of a strange 124 though with some total retro elements. we privately find it some-more appealing than a new Miata. The 124 is roughly half a feet longer than a Miata though it still keeps a neat profile.

Bottom line: An affordable Italian automobile with Japanese roots

Apart from regulating a same platform, a dual cars share many interior elements, creation them seem scarcely matching on a inside. That being said, Mazda designs some of a best interiors in a difficulty and a 124 and Miata are no different. The blueprint is really user accessible and we didn’t mark any inexpensive element that could be found in other Fiats.

However, a dual cars partial ways when it comes down to a powertrains. The 124 uses a 1.4 MultiAir turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that’s designed and made in Italy, that is allied to a 2.0 naturally aspirated 4-cylinder in a Miata. As a result, a 124 creates 160 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque contra a Miatas 155 horsepower and 148 lb-ft of torque. Despite a some-more energy and torque, a 124 is still slower to 60 than a Miata by half a second (6.8 for a 124 and 6.3 for a Miata) due to a fact that a 124 weighs scarcely 150 pounds some-more than a Miata.
Despite being a some-more absolute powertrain, a powertrain in a 124 was a bit disappointing. It’s eager and absolute and creates a little automobile feel copiousness quick. However, it suffered from turbo loiter off a line. Off boost, it feels like it’ll take an perpetuity for a automobile to get going and you’ll find yourself giving some-more stifle submit than necessary. The Miata’s powertrain in comparison feels most some-more polished (being naturally aspirated). Power can be delivered by Fiat’s 6-speed involuntary with primer changeable or a 6-speed-manual. The miss of paddle shifters was unsatisfactory deliberation they are customary on a Miata.  

Behind a wheel, a 124 is noticeably quieter and some-more stoical than a Miata. That’s all interjection to a somewhat thicker top, thicker potion and additional sound deadening. Fiat brought in many of their possess cessation components in a 124, creation a float noticeably smoother while progressing a same glorious doing that can be found in a Miata. The pivotal disproportion between a dual is a deficiency of physique hurl in a 124 that caused a automobile to feel most some-more stoical by corners.

Behind a wheel, a automobile was a blast to drive, to contend a least. The 124 accurately captures a Miata’s pushing attract and magic. The automobile felt absolute enough, once it got adult to speed, and a doing was good and nimble. Unlike some other sporty cars around a $30,000 spectrum, a 124 isn’t shrill or obnoxious, so a participation is some-more low-key on a road.

The 124 starts during usually underneath $25,000, that is some-more than affordable for what it is. Among a foe of other sporty cars in this cost range, like a Toyota 86 (also famous as a Subaru BRZ), a 124 and Miata mount out as a usually convertibles. Both a Miata and 124 offer opposite takes on a same height as good — a 124 charity a some-more polished and worldly feel and a Miata a some-more irritable and sporty feel. Yet, both cars do a same pursuit of portion as an glorious loyalty to shining two-seat roadsters of a decades past.

If you’re in a marketplace for a sporty automobile underneath $30,000 and wish to wandering divided from a common options like a Volkswagen GTI and aforementioned Toyota 86 or Subaru BRZ, a 124 is value some-more than a look: Its pointy retro styling and and polished cabin and rides, total with a Miata’s glorious pushing dynamics, emanate a some-more staid and polished charity in a category.

Pros and Cons

  • Top nick handling, upscale interior, gentle ride, value
  • No paddle shifters, turbo lag

Chief Competitors: Mazda Miata, Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ, Volkswagen GTI

Are we in a marketplace for a new or used automobile though don’t know where to start? Reach out to me during and I’ll assistance we with a search.

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