The European consortium AVENUE, led by a University of Geneva, is scheming a technical, mercantile and …

The AVENUE plan consortium, for “Autonomous Vehicles to Evolve to a New Urban Experience,” brings together 16 partners: educational institutions, open ride operators, unconstrained car manufacturers, vital record RD companies and specialized start-ups. Among them, 5 Swiss; alongside a UNIGE, a Transports publics genevois (tpg) and a State of Geneva, dual start-ups are indeed involved, MobileThinking, ensuing from a UNIGE and BestMile, combined during EPFL. All partners met for a initial plan assembly on 14 and 15 May in Brussels.

Three vital themes

The plan is structured around 3 vital themes: unconstrained driving, optimization of itineraries and in- and out- of car services. The initial thesis addresses security, fluidity of trade and ability to adjust to well-developed highway situations. At first, it will be complicated usually in singular areas, whose sourroundings has been formerly entirely mapped. The second thesis will optimize a vehicles itineraries in a viewpoint of cost rebate and user comfort.

Passengers will be means to book their outing from their smartphone, around a elementary and user-friendly application, charity opposite levels of services. “The third thesis will concentration on in and out of car services, such as protracted existence solutions on car windows, video conferencing options, as good as assistance to accommodate special needs’ and reduction unconstrained passengers, such as children or seniors,” sum Dimitri Konstantas, highbrow during a Geneva School of Economics and Management (GSEM) of UNIGE and coordinator of a AVENUE project.

The researchers introduce to develop, exam and countenance unconstrained car services, integrated into a required open ride network, assembly a expectations of opposite user groups. The needs are not a same depending on either a newcomer is a child, an adult or a senior, they also differ according to a motivations for travel, from a deficiency of an choice to curiosity, or even from a forced use — following for instance a pushing permit withdrawal — to a counsel choice of another form of mobility.

The researchers will also investigate a existent obstacles to a growth of this service: psychological by measuring a grade of acceptance by a public, executive with a several regulations in force, technical with a vital doubt of confidence and a care of function of other highway users, mercantile by devising viable exploitation and growth models. The investigate will finally introduce petrify recommendations on infrastructure and required legislative developments addressed to a domestic authorities.

Geneva among a commander sites

Specifically, a AVENUE plan skeleton to control a tests by a swift of vehicles of opposite sizes, from 4 to 12 seats, selected by a complement according to a channel and services requested by a user. Geneva is one of a sites selected to control a vast scale tests. The Department of Environment, Transport and Agriculture (DETA) of a State of Geneva has also assimilated a consortium, “in a enterprise to actively support creation and to position Geneva as a core of value in a margin of unconstrained vehicles,” says Luc Barthassat, State Councilor in assign of a Department of a environnement, ride and agriculture.

The Geneva civic fabric indeed offers several advantages: a open ride network is managed for a many partial by a singular user open to innovation, a tpg, simplifying a issues of coordination and connectivity. Despite a tiny size, Geneva and a trade have all a characteristics of civic networks to exam formidable scenarios: trade jams, walking zones, bike paths. The city is also accurately mapped, there is a 3D displaying and high pointing GPS localization services. Finally, inhabitant environmental and legislative issues are good underneath control interjection to a commander programs carried out in Sion and other places by Navya, manufacturer of unconstrained vehicles and partner of a AVENUE project.

“The idea is to work in suburban areas with small or no use now by joining them to a normal tpg network. Autonomous vehicles will not go downtown,” says Denis Berdoz, CEO of tpg. “We are assured of a intensity of unconstrained vehicles for a customers. This plan will strengthen a believe of new technologies. We acquired an unconstrained car in Aug 2017. We are now operative on a commissioning on an initial line after carrying tested it during a Geneva Motor Show in Mar 2018 ,” says Denis Berdoz.

The formula of this vast scale deployment can be compared to those in several European cities, with infrequently opposite philosophies such as a Mobility Cloud Copenhagen that reflects on a mobility of a chairman from one indicate to another, rather than a means used, a use and offer of unconstrained taxis in Denmark, still hampered by executive issues, a use of a walking core in Luxembourg or a Navly plan in Lyon, also integrated into a AVENUE project.

This plan has perceived appropriation from a European Union’s Horizon 2020 investigate and creation programme underneath extend agreement No 769033.

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