The D.C. Metro Will Stay Open Late For A Capitals Game Thanks To …

Aside from a nonstop playoff losses, we suppose a misfortune thing about being a Washington D.C.-area sports fan is a fact that a Metro closes during 11:30 on weeknights, mostly before internal games—especially playoff baseball—come to an end.

In a past, however, companies have spasmodic stepped adult to compensate a $100,000 per hour price to keep a Metro open later, and for Game 3 tonight of a Capitals’ Eastern Conference Finals array opposite Tampa Bay, Exelon and Pepco are doing only that. The Metro savior for Game 4, however, is reportedly much, most stranger: a republic of Qatar, destiny hosts of a 2022 World Cup. Via a Washington Post:

On Tuesday, (chair of a Metro house Jack) Evans told The Washington Post that a tiny, rich republic of Qatar has concluded to compensate a $100,000 price to keep Metro open until 12:30 a.m. on Thursday, when a Capitals horde Game 4. That diversion also is set for an 8 p.m. start.

Evans led a commission of D.C. supervision officials and private business member to Qatar and a United Arab Emirates last April in hopes of removing unfamiliar investors meddlesome D.C. projects. The supervision of Qatar formerly invested heavily in a growth of D.C.’s City Center.

Once again, Washington D.C. residents can give interjection for slave labor.

[Washington Post]

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