The Chevy Silverado headed for a battlefield: Hydrogen powered chronicle of a pickup set for Army trials

The Chevy Silverado headed for a battlefield: Hydrogen powered chronicle of a pickup set for Army trials

  • Silverado ZH2 is a  complicated avocation chronicle of a pickup lorry designed for battle
  • Will have some-more than 400 miles of range, and be powered by a hydrogen fuel cell

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Chevrolet says it will be ‘the initial complicated avocation lorry design able of ancillary a subsequent era of car mandate for aloft payload, stretchable configuration, longer range, and faster re-fueling times with some-more compress able thrust system.

Instead of a battery pack, a Silverado is versed with 3 tanks of hydrogen for a Hydrotec-branded fuel dungeon that generates electricity and provides stealthy, though absolute opening over a 400-mile range.

Along with a still operation, a powertrain has a reduce feverishness signature than an inner explosion engine, creation it stealthier.

‘Ultra still car operation with low thermal signature, no fume odorless’ are among a facilities Chevrolet says it could have.  

GM is also building a self pushing chronicle of a lorry that resembles a lorry trailer with no cabin. 

Called SURUS, for Silent Utility Rover Universal Superstructure, it is powered by dual electric motors and four-wheel steering.

Chevrolet says it will have ‘race proven multimatic energetic suspension’ for traversing dried hills and snowy and hilly landscapes, according to a promotional video.

It is designed to be stretchable adequate to be reconfigured for several missions, absolute adequate to reinstate a trucks that drag complicated things around today’s battlefields, and dubious about either it is driven by a human, remote control, or an unconstrained pushing module. 

GM has spent $3.5 billion over a years to rise fuel cells, and are now tighten to commercializing a technology.

The association skeleton to open a Michigan-based public line that will production fuel cells for a corner try it has with Honda.  


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