The Best Honda Odyssey Was A ’70s Off Road Go-Kart

Photo: eBay

Many years before Honda built their now mythological Accord-based four-slamming-door high-roof tiny van, a Odyssey name was used by Honda’s Powersports multiplication for a minimalist single-seat off-road go-kart. It weighed only underneath 400 pounds, and used a 250cc two-stroke ripper of an engine for personal off-road mobility.

With 5.5-inches of belligerent clearance, a plain hang behind axle, and front trailing arms, it’s frequency flushed with a many worldly off-road equipment, though it’s tiny and nimble and light weight, has scarcely gigantic angle of proceed and departure, and could stand a 35-degree slip with ease. It’s effectively small some-more than an engine, 4 wheels, and a mean hurl bar surrounding your beef suit.

The after FL350 indication had a wider lane for improved fortitude and a incomparable engine for some-more power, though we cite a pristine and elementary proceed of this first-year 1977 Odyssey FL250. The early models are differentiated by yellow bodywork where a after examples changed to a now-tradition Honda Red. I’ve never seen an Odyssey in chairman as purify as a one shown here appears to be. You can find some-more photos and information about this appurtenance by visiting a eBay listing.


It’s a kind of thing that we can have a blast ripping around a back-forty each other weekend. With a recognition of off-road side-by-sides, it competence be time for Honda to move behind a single-seat two-stroke Odyssey.

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