The BBR Mazda MX-5 Turbo Kit Will Give Your ND Miata A 5sec 0-60

Last year, we popped down to see a poetic folk during Brackley-based BBR GTI. We gathering a tuning company’s Super 190 MX-5, and while we enjoyed a N/A-tuned ND really much, we were a small some-more meddlesome in what a group was personally operative on during a time: a new turbo pack for a stream Miata.

After 3 years in growth it’s now here, and it sounds impossibly promising. The ‘Stage I’ chronicle of a pack consists of a twin-scroll turbocharger, a new empty plural and downpipe, a new intercooler and a reworked ECU, among a few other pieces and pieces. Have all that fitted, and a energy from a 2.0-litre SkyActiv section jumps from 158bhp to 245. Torque is during 236lb ft, meanwhile. Lovely.

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