The Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Volante is a best looking automobile in city – and child is it a rush

Forgive me, officer, for we have sinned. If comprehensive energy corrupts absolutely, afterwards 725 metric horsepower tests even a sternest clarity of resolve. 

It will blast we to 62mph in reduction time than it takes to contend ‘Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Volante’ and leave black lines on a Tarmac longer than a Costa Brava. Thankfully, a Spanish trade patrolman is usually engagement me for an bootleg left turn; he clearly doesn’t conclude how damn trained I’ve been. we compensate a €100 excellent and rumble cautiously away. 

Later, when we collect a crumpled sheet from a glovebox, we note that by ‘Tipo de vehiculo’, he has created ‘supercoche’. We competence not determine on my stratagem – and no volume of mumbled apologies in English would change his mind – though this positively is a supercar: ballistic, gentle and estimable of any bedroom wall. Yet a Volante is also a ‘super-GT’ (Aston’s words), a lush trans-Europe demonstrate that straddles a opening between Ferrari 812 Superfast and Bentley Continental GTC. With a roof retracted and heat a ease 31 degrees, my moral fury shortly subsides. Perhaps holding it easy won’t be so tough after all.

Indeed, free low-rev torque is what defines a DBS. With a grievous 663lb ft from only 1,800rpm, it feels like a back wheels could retreat a Earth’s rotation. Its 5.2-litre twin-turbo V12 works with an eight-speed paddleshift gearbox and CO twine propshaft, portion adult 0-62mph in 3.6 seconds and 211mph flat-out – practicable with roof on or off, that contingency be like rolling down a window of a jet plane.

After my progressing altercation, we hang rigidly to a autopista speed extent out of Barcelona, enjoying a ease of a Aston’s cabin. With eight-layer fabric hood folded and windows raised, it’s still adequate for normal review during 120kph (75mph), and a quilted leather seats are soothing and supportive. Anyone wedged in a toddler-sized back chairs won’t feel so lucky, however, while a DB11 dashboard and antiquated Mercedes media complement defect in a automobile costing £247,500. Compared with a £176,000 Bentley, it doesn’t feel amply special. 

No matter: a plateau dawn forward and any quibbles about interior trim are quickly forgotten. Switching from GT mode to Sport+, a empty baffles open and a V12 fills a lungs with a covetous roar. Acceleration is so savage, so brain-scrambling, we have to remind myself to breathe. And a sound – amplified, of course, by a Volante’s open cockpit – feels equally overwhelming: a shock-and-awe harmony of initiation snarl, turbo whoosh and tailpipe crackle. Weeks later, we still get goosebumps meditative about it.

Changing expostulate modes also transforms a Superleggera from laid-back cruiser to critical supercar. On circuitous roads forged into hilly hillsides, I’m acutely wakeful of a wider-than-a-Range-Rover hips, though nuanced steering, devoted cornering hold and outrageous carbon-ceramic brakes all enthuse confidence. With ideal 50:50 weight distribution, a Volante dives into hairpins with singular agility, afterwards punches onwards like an Anthony Joshua right-hook. 

I stop during a limit to admire a view. The Prades plateau are beautiful, though a DBS – quite in pearlescent Cosmos Orange – is no reduction captivating. Details such as a ‘curlicues’ behind a front wheels and double diffuser emanate genuine downforce but resorting to hulk scoops and spoilers. It’s frozen and athletic, nonetheless impossibly sexy and romantic. Cards on a table, we consider it’s a best-looking new automobile on sale.

Times are changing during Aston Martin. The DBX SUV arrives soon, along with dual hypercars and a sharper, sportier new Vanquish (the latter driven by Daniel Craig in a stirring Bond film). In a few years, a old-school DBS might be usurped by a brave-new-world electric Lagonda. Catch one while we can – and if we can.

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