The Aston Martin DB11 Is Pretty But The DB9 Can Still Stop Your Heart

There are many grand tourers, yet during slightest in my book, a Aston Martin DB9 is a apex of them all. The pattern is 0 brief of perfection, and a pushing knowledge is unforgettable. Today’s DB11 isn’t half-bad, either. Hearing them sing together is severely something special though.

The possibility to expostulate a dual behind to behind is a singular one, for anybody. we did, and while it showed a extraordinary swell Aston’s GT cars have done in a decade, it validated only how enchanting a aged automobile is too.


(Full disclosure: This 2005 Aston Martin DB9 shares a garage with a pleasing 1993 BMW 850ci we also wrote about this week. My devise had creatively been to review that car’s aged V12 opposite a one in a new DB11 supposing by Aston Martin. But once a DB9 crashed a party, it started to make a lot some-more clarity to only run a Astons together.)

The grand tourer is an engaging difficulty of car. On one hand, it’s one of a slightest judicious things on wheels. Sizable vehicles that use a lot of fuel to ride only dual people and a integrate overnight bags? Doesn’t make a lot of sense, objectively.

But a grand tourer is also a best kind of car. It exists quite to be driven, to be enjoyed, and clear pushing as a viable hobby. A good GT automobile will enthuse we to blast 100 miles opposite a dried only to locate a sunset, or median opposite a state since because not.

There are copiousness of companies creation good examples of such cars, yet small-batch British automaker Aston Martin has specialized in GTs for a long, prolonged time. Its tough work was already profitable off in 2005 when a DB9 was sincerely fresh, and a DB11 that came out in 2017 is only a new take on a same idea.

Differences On Paper

The universe was introduced to a Henrik Fisker-designed DB9 at a 2003 Frankfurt Motor Show. If we wish to feel truly old, that’s a same year R. Kelly’s “Ignition” and 2Fast 2Furious came out. At a time, then-Ford-owned Aston Martin apparently had a confidant dream of offered 5,000 cars a year. The complicated lifting for that idea was placed on a beautifully sculpted shoulders of a DB9.



Flash brazen to Feb 2018, when Aston Martin’s President and CEO Andy Palmer is quoted stating: “In 2017, we delivered record revenue, full-year profitability and certain giveaway income flow,” in a press release. At only 5,117 sell sales for a whole of final year they strike those large goals from a decade ago, nonetheless not overwhelmingly so, yet any outfit creation income offered specialized cars is flattering impressive.

The DB9 was launched with a claimed outlay of 450 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque from a naturally aspirated 6.0-liter V12, that is what this 2005 “Aston Martin Green” Volante (convertible) is packing. All that appetite was ostensible to propel a 4,000-odd bruise automobile from 0 to 60 in around 5 seconds and on to a tip speed only bashful of 190 mph. The DB9 V12 did exist as a manual, yet a automobile in these cinema had ZF’s paddle-shiftable six-speed automatic.


Power was bumped adult in 2009, yet a most some-more thespian boost can be seen in a DB11 V12’s specs. The new car’s 5.2-liter twin turbocharged V12 is ostensible to make 600 HP and 516 lb-ft of torque, while being a lot safer and weighing about a same as a DB9.

For all a additional output, a DB11 V12 can allegedly make stopped to 60 in underneath 4 seconds and strike 200 mph if you’ve got adequate road. The DB11 has an eight-speed involuntary with a finest, clickiest paddle shifters I’ve ever touched.

A DB9 would have set we behind about $160,000 in 2005, or $170,000 if we wanted a automobile like this one. This sold instance was a small dearer, though. The prolonged list of options including a one-off “Sand Tan-on-Aston Martin Green” (with a body-matched immature roof) combo we see it wearing cost this DB9’s strange owner, Nielsen CEO David L. Calhoun, a $189,285 MSRP.



Well, maybe he got a improved deal, yet a window plaque we saw finished with that series and enclosed some complicated line equipment like a $4,545 Linn 950 watt stereo, a $2,655 navigation system, $1,510 for a 19-inch 15-spoke wheels and a $230 umbrella. That adds adult to about $250,000 in today’s money, that creates a DB11 V12’s list cost of $198,995 demeanour like a steal.

But if you’re selling used, a automobile DB9 is ostensible to be value about $52,000 right now, according to NADA Guides. This one-of-one spec would substantially take a few bucks more.

OK, now a aged one is starting to sound like a improved understanding again.

Differences You Can Feel

Would we be angry to review that, once again, turbochargers are no deputy for banishment and a DB11 can force a additional 150 HP…



No, don’t worry. The DB11 feels faster. No volume of NA nostalgia can recompense for an whole second swifter to 60 mph. But a DB9 feels stronger.

With a difference of a pitiable paddle shifters we was really endangered about gnawing off, a DB9’s corpulent A-pillars and console buttons—as large and reticent as a ones on that large china stereo we had in center school—just seem some-more strong than a ethereal interior of a DB11. Again, with a difference of a paddle shifters, that on a new car are outrageous and counsel and glorious.

More importantly though, a DB9 hits harder in your guts. Roll into a stifle aggressively and a automobile sucks your stomach true aft-ward as a automobile drenches we in a prodigy of speed.


The DB11 snaps to attention, and will happily step out sideways, when we put your foot down. But a newer car’s still interior absorbs a lot some-more of a adrenalin than an open-roofed DB9.


Once you’re cruising, what can we say. Both cars are only shining offerings to a gods of pushing pleasure. Smooth, powerful, melodious. Either one could spin a expostulate to a grocery store into an Instagram’able adventure.

What We Learned

For those of we awaiting a surpassing revelation, sorry. Just relax and suffer a pictures.


I won’t startle anybody by observant that both of these cars are definitely joyous to drive, yet we occur to cite a teenaged naturally aspirated V12’s primitive fibre to a some-more absolute bearing of a immature turbo’d 12.


The DB11’s interior is distant nicer than a DB9’s, yet while both cars demeanour good on a outside, we consider a DB9 will advantage from a subtly and stay uninformed looking longer than a some-more cutting-edge DB11.

The DB9 feels tougher, a DB11 is some-more lithe. They’re both illusory cars to rubbish a day and a few tanks of gas in. And now I’m going to go forward and spend a rest of a day revisiting these photos, appreciate we really much.

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