The Abarth 124 is now a carbon-roofed coupe

Can’t make your mind adult between a coupe and convertible? Still spooky by lightweight focus, though? Abarth competence have found a solution. Meet a 124 GT, suggested during a Geneva Motor Show.

The Abarth 124 GT takes a unchanging 124 Spider and adds a CO tough top. Rather than morph a Spider into a fixed, permanent coupe bodystyle, though, a roof is removable – “in a few easy steps”, we’re betrothed – so when a sun’s out for a while, we can leave it somewhere. Preferably during home and not only in a layby during a side of the road.

While done of carbon, it weighs 16kg and is presumably a bit unwieldy, so we competence wish to use a few bicep curls if you’re going to be lifting it on and off with regularity. In fact, we can substantially cancel a gym membership and only urge your strength with CO roof reps. Might work out cheaper in a prolonged run, no matter what cost tab Abarth sticks on a GT (it’s not said yet).

The GT gets a same 168bhp 1.4-litre turbo engine that creates a rear-drive 124 Spider so most fun to drive, if a bit antisocially loud. At slightest a tough tip competence suppress some of your regard about a volume pouring from a ‘Record Monza’ exhaust. There’s a six-speed primer as standard, an involuntary gearbox optional. The former is fanciful and we contingency hang with it.

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The Spider’s 144mph tip speed and 6.8sec are unblushing by a additional 16kg on top, nonetheless there’s a possibility it competence ever-so-slightly askance a low centre-of-gravity that creates a unchanging 124 a genuine demonstration on a fun square of road. Especially given a new set of 17-inch OZ alloys, disdainful to a GT, are 3kg lighter right during a car’s belly.

The ‘Alpi Orientali Grey’ paint is exclusive, too, nonetheless it’s twinned with a matt black carp that’s informed from a 124 Spider. Ever wondered because Abarth does that? It was used on a aged 124 convene automobile to forestall drivers from being dazzled by splendid sunlight. Which, if a weather’s commanded we to leave a new CO roof bound in place, presumably isn’t an issue.

Prices? They’ve not been suggested yet. The soft-top 124 Spider starts during a smidge underneath £27,000, though we can design a GT to lay over £30,000.

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