The 2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid Can Actually Cause You Pain

In a routine of contrast a 2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid, a automobile indeed managed to harm me, a small bit. I’m not articulate about a existential soul-bruising flog that each painfully receptive and unsentimental and tedious automobile like a Camry gives you, this is an actual, earthy bit of pain, imparted by a automobile to me when we operated one of a controls.

You know how, on many complicated cars, if we open one side window during speed we get an irritating thrum thrum thrum wind sound? Car engineers call that “side window buffeting” and it’s technically famous as “Hemholtz resonance.”

I did a whole explainer about this materialisation a few years back:

“Air flitting over an opening forms small tornadoes as it moves past a front corner of that opening. When those tornadoes, or vortices, strech a opening’s behind edge, they make a call of vigour that pushes atmosphere into and out of a car. Since sound is zero some-more than waves of pressure, this creates noise. If you’re pushing solemnly a effect’s not too bad, though if we expostulate quick enough, we strech a musical point. Imagine we mount by your open automobile window and use my scholarship powers to pull on a atmosphere inside a car, compressing it a bit. The automobile atmosphere afterwards springs behind out, afterwards behind in, afterwards behind out, afterwards behind in… That’s what happens when we expostulate quick enough. The vortices keep dire on a atmosphere in your automobile only during a right time to make large vigour waves that we can feel and hear.”


It’s annoying, and we notice it some-more with newer cars than comparison ones since aerodynamics have softened so many that it dramatically magnifies a effect.

Well, this latest Camry contingency have positively fantastic aerodynamics, since it also has a misfortune box of side window resistance I’ve ever encountered. In a run on a highway during about 70 or so mph, we attempted obscure a side windows and holy crap, was it bad.


The whole automobile shook; we could feel a breeze resistance pulses in a suit of a seats. It was like a whole automobile was being jarred by a giant, invisible, breezy palm of Zephyr.

The misfortune partial was a vigour change in a automobile unequivocally messes with your eardrums—it indeed hurt, like drifting on an aeroplane with a bad conduct cold. Here, we documented a knowledge on video, so we could be a partial of a sorcery with me:

I should remind everybody that, overall, a Camry Hybrid is only fine. It’s able and does a pursuit good and gets nearby 40 mpg and has decent seats and isn’t going to provoke anyone. I’m also flattering certain many people who buy Camrys are going to use a a/c on prohibited days and never even cruise a stupidity of opening a window while pushing some-more than, say, 20 mph.


But, let’s be transparent here: this sucks. I’m arrange of astounded this turn of breeze resistance was dynamic to be only excellent by Toyota’s Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) exam teams, since it’s each one of those noisy, vibrating, and oppressive things.

I know how critical good aero is to complicated cars, generally ones as focused on potency as a Camry Hybrid. we get it. But that doesn’t meant we have to like a automobile that effectively beats we into acquiescence if we wish to expostulate with some windows down, since we don’t.

Sometimes we wish to expostulate with a windows down and enchanting with a atmosphere of a universe around me, though we don’t wish to compensate for that payoff with pain in my middle ear.


I theory this is only one of a small prices we compensate for progress.

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