The 2019 Genesis G70 Is as Great as It Needs To Be

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Hyundai’s cars are a long, prolonged approach from a punchline they used to be. Everyone knows that. But with Genesis, a new oppulance nameplate, a company’s ambitions have never been higher. It’s a magnitude of how distant a association has come that the G70, a challenger to a BMW 3 Series and a rest, is as good or better than anything constructed by a Germans.

Like a Kia Stinger it shares a height and engine with, it’s a genuine deal. And good adequate that it should put Genesis on everybody’s radar.

(Full Disclosure: Genesis pleasantly lent me a 2019 G70 while we was on a stating outing in South Carolina progressing this month. The association gave it to me with a full tank of gas and no central remit, definition we was giveaway to do with it as we pleased.)

What Is It? 

The G70 is a smaller, rear- and all-wheel expostulate oppulance challenger to cars like a BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C-Class, Audi A4, Lexus IS, Jaguar XE and Alfa Romeo Giulia, customarily to name a few. The G70’s bottom cost of $34,900 is, in fact, the accurate same bottom cost as a 3 Series, that should be as good a spirit as any as to what a ambitions of Hyundai’s oppulance multiplication are.

Photo: Erik Shilling

The fact that Hyundai is doing this during all is kind of remarkable, as a U.S. sedan marketplace is timorous and a aforementioned cars already have a oppulance sports sedan shred flattering good flooded. (The SUVs from Genesis, we are told, are coming.)


But a company’s bravery has some-more than paid off, as a G70 is simply outstanding, gentle and quick, with some-more than adequate bells and whistles to remonstrate we you’re pushing something done by a association who’s been during a oppulance diversion a lot longer than Hyundai.

Specs That Matter 

My tester had a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder creates a claimed 252 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque, that was good given that’s a indication we consider many buyers will finish adult with.

The upper-end indication has a twin-turbocharged V6 creates a claimed 365 horsepower and 376 lb-ft of torque. The bigger engine will cost we around $9,000 more, and also can’t be had with a primer delivery like a four-banger, entrance customarily with a eight-speed involuntary that comes customary on both cars.

It’s a primer you’ll wish though, a six-speed gearbox that we unfortunately did not get to exam this time. In this approach a G70 has a good leg adult on a Stinger, that does not offer a primer gearbox, period.

Photo: Erik Shilling


How do we know you’ll wish a manual? First, we know we people. Second, primer gearboxes feel like they’re on a approach out on cars like this—BMW doesn’t even worry on a new 3 Series, that is still roughly unthinkable–so opinion with your dollars if we wanna Save a Manuals.

Finally, while a eight-speed automobile was fine in a approach that each involuntary is glorious these days, a changeable could on singular occasions be on a less-than-smooth side. Surely, we can do better. The primer also comes with involuntary limited-slip differential and launch control, and is a good olive bend to enthusiasts, given it signals that Hyundai knows who it needs to greatfully if it’s unequivocally critical about holding on a Germans.

Further, all of this energy still comes with decent fuel economy, or 30 mpg on a highway for a four-cylinder and 26 mpg for a V6, according to EPA estimates. The all-wheel expostulate versions of both transport somewhat worse.

What’s Great

The acceleration, that on paper is not tremendously quick—zero to 60 in 6 seconds on a slowest chronicle of a car, according to Car and Driver, and 4.3 seconds in a fastest—certainly feels faster than that, generally from 0 to 40 mph. On a highway a G70 is excellent, facilely sharpened adult to and doing speed when asked.

Photo: Genesis


Inside, while a automobile is hurtling brazen during speeds that will snap we behind in your seat, we competence differently not know it, given a cabin stays still (unless we ask it not to) and going 70 mph feels like fundamentally nothing. The car’s bottom package includes a dizzying array of facilities that designed to make it comfortable, like a driver’s chair that moves 12 ways and a steering circle wrapped in leather.

The automobile we had was also embellished out with all of a G70’s options, ballooning a cost by over $10,000 yet adding facilities like a well-designed heads-up display, nineteen-inch wheels, exhilarated seats, and a sunroof. This was all easily integrated with tons of leather everywhere, stitched attractively in red.

Photo: Erik Shilling

Some other things we loved: a ability to siren in “enhanced” engine sound into a cabin, that did make things louder, yet “loud” in a context of a oppulance sports sedan indeed means “fairly still and pleasant,” as we had to building a gas to unequivocally hear a engine roar. In addition, a stop-start was well-designed, and didn’t make me hatred a underline as we have on other cars, as it started fast adequate to not give me stop-light stress associated to not carrying present entrance to a car’s power.

I also desired a built-in path timer. A lot of cars have them these days, yet for some reason we wasn’t awaiting a G70 to, so when we was scrolling by dashboard menus and it popped adult we became delighted. we have no thought how many owners are going to take their G70 to a track, yet we consider a answer will be “not enough.”

What’s Weak

This front radar emitter isn’t great:


Photo: Genesis

Let’s also have a perspective from a tiny serve out.

Photo: Erik Shilling

Yep, still there, right in a center of what is differently a amiable face. That contemplative cover is stealing a radar complement that creates adaptive journey control and involuntary puncture braking systems possible, which: great! It’s really a good thing that adaptive journey control and involuntary puncture braking comes customary in a G70, we customarily wish a pattern into a grille was a tiny some-more seamless.

Granted, Genesis isn’t a solitary delinquent in this. Plenty of complicated cars have that front plate, and they all demeanour bad, yet we need to singular it out on this one. This is a tiny complaint, given a rest of a automobile is a pristine stunner.


Photo: Genesis

The car’s infotainment system, like roughly each automobile infotainment complement I’ve tested, also has a training curve, yet once we got a hang of it it was mostly fine, if a bit slow. The navigation, however, was seemingly bad, as, on long-distance trips, it kept holding me on routes that were less-than-optimal, even after we set it to not equivocate highways. In town, this was reduction of an issue, yet when we was in a rush to get to a Charlotte airfield lest, it forced me to do what we customarily do inside cars, navigation complement or not: we used Google Maps on my phone.

More automakers should customarily put Google Maps in their navigation systems, given Google’s prevalence of a mapping space seems permanent, or during slightest has been given people were still removing by on Mapquest.

This was also a contrition given a voice control underline worked exquisitely in my experience, definition that we had an easy and protected approach of revelation a G70 where to go on a shade that was large adequate to uncover me.

Photo: Erik Shilling

The space in a behind for passengers also isn’t great, generally behind a driver’s seat, if we have a driver’s chair sitting low and to a rear, as we did, given I’m high and a reduce we went a some-more we felt like a foe automobile driver. Genesis competence have been means to find divided to operative some-more space, most like like how a good hatchback feels about 10 times bigger than it should, yet we also consider that if we wish some-more space we should customarily get a bigger car, like, say, a G80 or G90. If you’re spending $40,000 on a car, we can means it.


How Does It Drive Though?

I’ve spent a lot of time here articulate about a car’s interior and exterior, that was conscious given a oppulance sedan should have a good interior and exterior, yet we don’t meant to slight a expostulate experience, that was good in any of a car’s expostulate modes. The automobile defaults to “comfort” mode, yet if we wish to save fuel there’s an eco mode, and if we wish to prop a cessation and keep a revs high there’s a foe mode as well, as you’d expect.

In any mode, a automobile will give we pep, yet it also hugs a cement around turns with steering that felt organisation and interlude power, supposing by Brembo, was some-more than we expected, giving a automobile a liveliness and a motorist confidence. we felt like a G70 could hoop anything we threw during it, and a acceleration was such that where we gathering it—North and South Carolina, land of American flesh cars—I never felt that it couldn’t go toe-to-toe with roughly anything on a street.

As we mentioned, we didn’t get to exam a V6 version, yet my co-worker Kristen Lee has. She indeed found that she favourite a four-cylinder better, given a V6, in her mind, customarily done a automobile feel heavier (probably given it in existence was).

Photo: Erik Shilling


Like we said, a bottom cost of a G70 is a accurate same bottom cost as a BMW 3 Series, yet a G70 beats a 3 Series right off a bat with a primer choice and, until a newest 3 Series goes on sale subsequent year, some-more power.

The G70 also comes customary with facilities like Forward Collision Avoidance, that detects things in front alerts we if we get too close, even with pedestrians, Genesis says. There’s also Genesis’s chronicle of adaptive journey control, that a bottom BMW has, yet a G70’s can do a bit more, holding control of a automobile in stop-and-go situations. (The fact that this underline exists during all in cars is a unhappy confirmation that both [a] a travel complement is inherently injured and substantially will be for perpetually and [b] we all spend approach too most time sitting in traffic, yet that’s a blog for another day.)


Going over that, a V6 G70 is lighter than a Kia Stinger, quicker than a effusive 340i, and cheaper than a BMW as well, yet not as inexpensive as a 400 HP Infiniti Q50.

Is a G70 a improved value than those cars, though? On paper, of march it is, yet we consider a lot of buyers will be put off by a fact that instead of pushing a BMW they will be pushing a Genesis. To these people, we contend expostulate whatever we want, of course, yet a Ultimate Driving Machine is customarily marketing, remember.


People wondered if a Genesis G70 would belong with a organisation of cars it’s compared to, and I’m happy to news that it does and, in some ways, outclasses a others. I’m customarily disturbed that a marketplace is oversaturated with a character of automobile that Americans are shopping fewer and fewer of.

I wish a G70 to final though, and a Germans merit a competition. Do yourself a preference and give a G70 a prolonged demeanour if you’re in a market. You won’t bewail it.

(Correction: The cheapest V6 G70 is not cheaper than a slightest costly V6 Kia Stinger. we bewail a blunder and have corrected a story.)


Photo: Erik Shilling
Photo: Erik Shilling
Image: Erik Shilling

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