The 2018 Nissan Leaf is charming, unsentimental and fun

Speak to anyone concerned in a business of producing electric cars and they will explain that one of a biggest hurdles to overcome is removing business into a product. “We’ve found that people’s opinion of EVs altered quick after they’ve gifted one for a few days,” explained one high-ranking Nissan exec during a possibility assembly during this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

If that’s a case, Nissan has clearly been operative tough to get “bums on seats”, as new total have shown that a new Nissan Leaf is sole each 12 mins in Europe. The organisation perceived over 20,000 orders in a singular month progressing this year, creation it a fastest offering electric automobile in Europe, orderly holding a rod from a prior era model, that is strictly a world’s best offering zero-emissions electric automobile with some 300,000 business handing over their money given 2010.

So since disaster with a winning formula? Well, foe in a marketplace is now heating up, with a likes of Tesla, Jaguar and even Porsche muscling in on a EV turf, while “affordable” models are also now offering by a likes of Hyundai and Kia. This has forced Nissan to urge a series of pivotal areas in a latest model, including performance, battery operation and interior technology, while gripping a cost to consumer down.

In fact, a Japanese marque has managed to parasite off all of a above while shortening a list cost of a many simple trim grades by around £1,500 when a treasury’s persisting EV resourceful is thrown into a mix.

Range and charging

An all-new e-powertrain is arguably a biggest articulate indicate here, as a 40kWh battery container and 110kW electric engine group adult to broach 150hp and 320Nm of immediate torque, as good as increasing range. But operation has always been a ghastly area when it comes to electric vehicles, as a effusive lab-based NEDC exam has traditionally overestimated how distant one can transport on a singular charge.

To fight this, Nissan says that a latest Leaf is a initial EV to bear WLTP (Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Testing Procedure), that tests regulating real-world scenarios, runs longer exam cycles, introduces aloft speeds and takes into comment a impact additional apparatus competence have on range.

That figure is pegged during 168 miles on a total cycle (a brew of city and motorway driving), or adult to 258 miles in city conditions, on a singular charge. It’s an considerable series for a automobile that is labelled to opposition a raft of family SUVs, though owners should still design that series to change depending on countless factors.

During a time with a new Leaf, we could see a inauspicious outcome atmosphere conditioning, infotainment use and rapid pushing was carrying on a remaining operation displayed on-screen and motionless that 140-150 miles on a singular assign would be about right for someone pushing “normally”.

Charging is taken caring of by dual slots that reside underneath a tiny strap during a front of a car. These slots are designed to work with a CHAdeMO Quick-Charging network, as good as a customary three-pin hollow we competence have during home. The former is clearly a one to plump for, as a charging time with a 50kW opening from low battery warning to 80 per cent takes between 40 and 60 minutes. That’s still a prolonged time for a array stop on an strenuous motorway journey, and a reason since we chose to leave it during home for a utterly extensive though compulsory outing on a Saturday morning.

Customers can also opt to have quick home-charging setups commissioned during your residence (typically by Charge Master) that tip adult a batteries in 7.5 hours from a 7kW systems. If we don’t have this afterwards an outside block hollow will suffice. Charging in this demeanour takes a towering 20+ hours and done it formidable to strike a totally full assign from flat.

But that’s not indispensably a bad thing, as time with a Leaf highlighted usually how brief many journeys indeed are, and so prolonged as a batteries were kept surfaced up, it always offering copiousness of operation for any ad hoc mid-length journeys that seemed in a week.


The aforementioned Nissan exec’s matter mostly replayed in mind when pushing a latest Leaf since it is a fun to commander around city and by bustling city traffic. Granted, a pushing position feels too upright, and a miss of composition by a steering mainstay creates it wily to get things usually right, though a present torque supposing by a electric powertrain is addictive.

Flick a Leaf out of a suggested “Eco” mode, that caps stifle response for softened range, and a small family run-around positively flies out of a blocks. Official acceleration total state a 0-62mph scurry is dispatched in 7.9 seconds, though it feels quicker than that, generally from rest to 30mph, that is a some-more suitable benchmark for many internal journeys.

Nissan has also severely softened excellence and has introduced some-more sound-deadening materials to safeguard a cabin stays peaceful, even during aloft speeds. It creates motorway cruising some-more pleasant, as annoying highway and breeze sound – dual factors that are mostly highlighted interjection to a miss of engine note – are resigned to a credentials hum.

There’s also a new “e-Pedal” complement that allows a motorist to absolutely work a Leaf regulating usually a accelerator. It sounds imagination though in hint it ramps adult a regenerative braking to a indicate where it will move a automobile to a finish stop. Although somewhat weird during first, it does strengthen a significance of withdrawal a sufficient opening with a automobile in front, as good as enlivening smoother stifle use and improves a battery operation interjection to it being constantly surfaced adult by regenerative braking tech.

Also, a advantage of carrying a building pressed with batteries is a low centre of sobriety and an even widespread of mass that reduces physique hurl by corners. It’s no Ferrari replacement, though it can be utterly fun on a lucky B-road track and leaves many confused faces in a arise during a trade lights.


Where a interior of a BMW i3 dazzles with a use of witty curves, cutting-edge eco-friendly materials and contentment of screens, a Nissan Leaf takes a somewhat some-more regressive approach. The lurch and instrument blueprint will feel informed to anyone with a complicated Nissan, with usually a weird rigging push signalling that it boasts a forward-thinking powertrain.

A executive “NissanConnect EV” seven-inch touchscreen takes caring of many of a vehicles features, including DAB radio, smartphone connectivity and a all-important navigation. Here, it has been overhauled to embody charging stations, and routes can be designed formed on a remaining range, with stopovers factored in for intensity recharging.

It’s ridiculous to only rest on this, as open charging points have an vitriolic robe of possibly being in use or not operative when we unequivocally need them. Instead, we found myself obsessively checking a Zap-Map app, that handily lists active charging stations, notifies if they are being used and allows users to post accessible comments about any faults or restrictions.

Tekna spec models, like a one driven here, are finished with leather front and back exhilarated seats, a seven-speaker Bose sound complement and Nissan’s apartment of ProPILOT motorist systems that embody adaptive tour control and puncture braking. Overall, it’s a good place to be, though it is easy to come opposite some cheaper plastics and materials if we look.


The Nissan Leaf is a good car, and even with a likes of Jaguar and Tesla staid to recover reward offerings into a wild, it stays a essential and affordable proceed to all-electric motoring. It costs really small to run, there have been really few reports of automatic failures, there’s zero to compensate in terms of tax, and residual values of prior era Leafs have surpassed expectations.

Plus, with an softened operation of 150-160 miles a day, many people’s daily commutes will simply be covered, and there’s really small to give adult in terms of practicality and comfort.

But electric automobile tenure is still hard. A 40-60 notation stop to assign on a longer weekend tour compulsory a joining that we weren’t prepared to make. The charging network is still treacherous and requires owners to pointer adult to mixed providers in sequence to transport large distances, while ignorant fossil-fuel motorists adore to park in EV-only bays during a many untimely times.

Having to check an app for a live refurbish before pushing adult to a charging indicate feels awkward, and there’s generally a lot of difficulty about ubiquitous EV etiquette. For example, is it ok to leave a Leaf plugged into a charging indicate during one of Heathrow’s short-stay automobile parks while we transport divided for dual days? Probably not, though needs contingency when there’s a 100-mile tour to get home.

These issues are not a error of Nissan, though a wider network providers and even a supervision to a certain extent.

No, Nissan has combined a charming, unsentimental and fun small automobile in a second era Leaf, and a automobile that will many positively assistance to move some-more sceptics around to a thought of all-electric motoring. And with that will arrive a some-more pleasing zero-emissions motoring knowledge for everyone.