The 2017 Mazda Miata and Fiat 124 Spider Have One Big Flaw …

So we have only been out selling for a new 2017 Mazda MX-5 Miata, or improved yet, only gathering a new one home. The new Miata has some good surprises, though have we found a deadly smirch in a interior pattern yet?

2017 Mazda Miata Fiat Spider Cupholder Flaw

As we might have noticed, a twin cupholders Mazda mounted inside a Miata are behind you. Not accurately an easy approach to squeeze a splash while we both drive and shift. Worse yet, unless we are a really tiny chairman we might find that your right bend contacts a cupholders when we are resting your arm on a armrest. If we have not nonetheless beheld we have brief arms, so we will call we T-Rex.

Why Did Mazda Make This Mistake On Miata Fiat Spider?
Mazda designed a 2017 MX-5 Miata around a hang shift. Really. The driver’s right palm ideally placed was Mazda’s interior pattern starting point. Everything else came next. Once Mazda put a hang shift, primer handbrake and infotainment controls on a console there was no room left for a cupholders. Now, if we are about to produce us in a comments observant that “This is a driver’s automobile and cupholders don’t matter yada yada yada” let us tell we that we Torque News staff are former owners of Miatas and we know that people who possess them do indeed like a juicy libation while on a road. It is not a tiny thing to some owners. Particularly those who use their Miata as a Grand Touring car. Hey, that is indeed a name of a Miata trim!

So What is The Miata Fiat Spider Cupholder Fix?
The repair is really gratifying it turns out. First, squeeze a driver’s side cupholder firmly. Then, lift adult on it compartment it feels like it is going to break. At that impulse a automobile will let it go. Hopefully, it went good and it popped out and a dirt cover sealed a hole. Stash that cupholder someplace we won’t ever remove it. Next, squeeze a newcomer side one and do a same severe diagnosis to it, though don’t store it away. After we get a newcomer side cupholder out, go around to a newcomer side of a automobile and we will find a place to insert it. Jam it down in there like we meant business and it should click into place. Once sealed in, it will be most sturdier than it appears. The outcome is shown in a tip of page image. We tested a hilt with a 16-ounce bottle of extract in a potion jar and it hold a weight fine. It also rubbed a Starbucks Venti Latte with palliate (20 oz).

Watch a Instructional Video On Miata Fiat Spider Cupholder Below
In box we don’t trust us, we done a video display how all this goes down. Check it out on page 2 and let us know if it was helpful.

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