The 2017 Mazda CX-5 Is Still The Crossover For People Who Don’t Hate Driving Or Life

The 2017 Mazda CX-5 has a elementary mission: get your donkey around though putting it to sleep. In a complicated crossover market, that’s indeed a eminent enterprise. This year a car’s being relaunched as fancier, quieter and some-more mature. So now we get to figure out if it’s got any essence left.


(Full Disclosure: Mazda brought me down to San Diego, put me adult in a fanciful hotel and fed me excellent food for dual days usually so we could expostulate a CX-5 and Miata RF. Guys, there was a ramen bar.)

The redesigned CX-5 has a lot to live adult to. Remember a regard heaped on a predecessor? Long one of a evident go-to recommendations for normal people seeking a quality, affordable, unsentimental crossover, a high-riding hatchback was zero reduction than a resplendent light of dexterity in a prosaic shred of a automotive industry.


A lot of times, a crossover is a automobile we buy given you’ve given up; we need practicality and all else, like driving, comes second. The CX-5 was ostensible to be explanation that we didn’t have to.

Mazda doesn’t wish we to forget that, either. The association introduced a new CX-5 final week with a two-hour harangue explaining how Mazda was a loyal automobile lover’s automobile company. It even conducted a whole pattern investigate on how to make a many ergonomic door handles for this thing. By a time Mazda got by perplexing to sell me on exaggeration about “the automobile and driver, relocating as one” we approaching a CX-5 to squeeze me by a shoulders, roar in my face, French lick me, and afterwards put me on a behind of a motorcycle so we could speed off and start a new and malleable life, together. They done this shit sound that good.

The existence of a expostulate incited out to be a small some-more mundane. The CX-5 is nice. But it’s usually “nice” like a good review with an intelligent person. Not, niiice, like that night we snuck into a celebration and stole a keg. In this segment, that might be some-more than enough.

What Is It?

The CX-5 is a smallish-medium crossover, devious a stretch and cost of a Toyota RAV4 or Honda CR-V. It’s evidently a bit stiffer, some-more manageable and a small some-more elegant-looking than those Japanese rivals while objectively being a whole lot cheaper than a oppulance crossovers done by BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Lexus.



Note that while a CX-5 is a new automobile for 2017, it uses a mutated chronicle of a predecessor, and has been heavily updated inside and out. Then again, a aged automobile worked, so there wasn’t a ton that indispensable fixing.

The Specs That Matter

A 2017 CX-5 costs between $25,000 and $32,000 depending on how heavily flashy it is, though all variants run a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine with 187 horsepower and a six-speed involuntary transmission. With all-wheel-drive, Mazda claims a crossover weighs 3,655 pounds.

That should make it flattering transparent that a CX-5 is not going to be a automobile to blast adrenaline into your heart Pulp Fiction-style during each on-ramp.

But Mazdas are not about straight-line speed. The brand’s large sell is some-more of an unsubstantial pushing pleasure you’re ostensible to associate with “responsiveness.” The CX-5 can FLASH! BANG! POP! like a cinema in an oversaturated comic book where your dorky CR-Vs and RAV4s are a greyscale illustrations in an SAT exam booklet. At slightest that’s what Mazda seems to be perplexing to sell by pattern and a CX-5’s doing characteristics.

The new vicious component to creation that occur is G-Vectoring Control, Mazda’s exclusive traction assistance record that’s now customary on a CX-5.

When we come defeat into a corner, we wish a weight of a automobile on a front wheels given they’re doing a steering. You can accomplish this in your automobile by grabbing some brakes as we spin in.



But a CX-5’s trickier: it indeed changes a engine timing as we make a turn, regulating a engine’s backpressure to delayed a car, front-loading a vehicle’s weight to make a tighter spin easier to do.

Think of it like a prodigy we get while downshifting. Engine speed rises, a automobile slows, a vehicle’s weight moves brazen and we can some-more simply say control. That’s radically what’s function with G-Vectoring, it’s usually function so subtly that a motorist usually interprets it as crook steering.

In practice, a graphic directness is positively conspicuous and, yeah, it indeed does supplement a dash of compensation to figure California roads. we felt good next a threshold of hold on a twisty routes outward San Diego, even holding a few turns a hair hotter than I’d design a normal owners to try.


The attribute between a front wheels and a steering circle feels decidedly linear, creation a CX-5’s doing predicted and affording we a kind of certainty that creates we wish to toss a thing around. The CX-5’s responsiveness to turns is evident and a car’s whole opinion is lively. Steering feels candid and consistent, mouth-watering we to take a prolonged approach home.

Where It Shines

It’s a widen to call a CX-5 “fun” in comparison to cars built utterly for pleasure, even medium ones like a Miata. Still, unconditional by directional changes in a CX-5 is many some-more gratifying than it is in a incomparable SUV or a minivan. Make no mistake, that’s a plain fulfilment for a automobile this complicated and light on power.

But a CX-5’s cunning around corners isn’t so arousing that you’re going to hide out during night to cut adult a streets with it. Anyway, we know many CX-5s will spend their days unresolved out around a speed extent on prolonged highway rides or trolling by city traffic.



For daily-driver avocation a 2017 indication has dual discernible improvements over a aged car: malleable aerodynamics and cabin-sealing for a quieter ride, and radar journey control that indeed works.

(Image Credit: Mazda)

The doorway seals we into a CX-5’s cockpit with a parsimonious snook and shuts out utterly a bit of outward noise, even on a bustling city block. At highway speeds, a aged CX-5 was ostensible to be as shrill as a hairdryer. The 2017 automobile seemed ease adequate for easy review between a front and behind seats.

The CX-5’s radar journey control is great, too. It’s activated with a symbol on a steering circle like all else you’ve driven in a final decade. What creates Mazda’s complement so considerable is a ability to keep gait with a automobile forward during a following stretch we prescribe, all a approach down to a stop, afterwards collect right behind adult to highway speed as trade allows.


Our CX-5 tailed a large supply from about 60 mph to a stop, to a crawl, to another stop, to a delayed hurl by a limit unit checkpoint and all a approach behind to highway speed though me carrying to hold possibly pedal.

What’s Weak

The CX-5 is quick adequate around turns, though it’s not “fast.” At all.

Mash a stifle adult an onramp and a engine produces some-more noise, though unequivocally small prodigy of speed. “Sport Mode,” activated by a cold toggle switch on a core console, doesn’t seem to do anything besides make a engine blubber a small more.



The automobile unequivocally suffers over severe terrain, too. The cessation and steering that creates a CX-5 so pointy over well-spoken cement is a vital chastisement once we strike pot holes or a rutty mud road. Mazda claims it malleable a CX-5’s cessation for 2017, though there’s usually not adequate room for a car’s wheels to transport plumb over an disproportionate surface.

There’s also no Apple CarPlay or Android Auto functionality, so those of we who can’t bear to have your eyes off of a shade will be stranded rocking one of those windshield suction-cup holders like an Uber driver.

What To Watch For

Mazda is clinging to a guarantee that it will offer a diesel engine in this car, in a U.S., though has not committed to a launch date. I’m not unequivocally holding my breath. But a gas engine it’s rising with is ostensible to be distant malleable during gripping a inner tools lubed than a predecessor, so we’ll try to check in on longevity as 2017 CX-5s get older. In a meantime, I’d usually like to get a few some-more hours in a seats of this thing to unequivocally exam a viability for a longer highway trip.

It would also be engaging to see how a opening of a front-wheel expostulate chronicle compares to a all-wheel expostulate automobile we tested final week. I’m intensely extraordinary about how a CX-5’s doing celebrity changes with a other driveline option.

Early Verdict

The 2017 CX-5 is pleasing to drive. Satisfying, even. And a slick-but-minimalist interior creates a whole knowledge of being in this automobile officious enjoyable.



If we get held adult in a hype that a CX-5 is a boundless present of unsentimental performance, you’re going to be disappointed. But if you’ve got a family to projection around, don’t have $100,000 to spend on an AMG hire car and still wish to feel like you’re driving, not usually steering, a CX-5 seems tough to beat.

  • Engine: 2.5-liter inline four-cylinder DOHC 16-valve “SKYACTIVE-G”
  • Power: 187 HP during 6,000 RPM / 185 lb-ft during 3,250 RPM (FWD), 4,000 RPM (AWD)
  • Transmissions: 6-speed automatic
  • Drivetrain: Front-wheel expostulate or all-wheel drive
  • Seating: Five
  • 0-60 mph: x
  • Curb weight: x pounds
  • MPG: EPA claimed 24 city, 31 highway, 27 total (FWD), 23, city, 30 highway, 26 total (AWD)
  • MSRP: $24,045 base, $32,525 as tested (Grand Touring Premium Package)

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