The 10 Most Reliable Cars, According to Consumer Reports

New automobile buyers know it’s not always easy to tell a arguable automobile from a soon-to-be lemon. A automobile that runs uniformly on your initial exam expostulate might finish adult giving we automatic difficulty shortly after we take it home. If we feel intimidated by a automobile selling process, the Consumer Reports list of a 10 many arguable models on a marketplace is a good place to start.

This list comes from Consumer Reports‘s annual trustworthiness survey, that looked during some-more than 500,000 vehicles. To establish that cars motorists can trust, a surveyors weighed 17 intensity problem areas, including squeaky breaks, interior wear-and-tear, and delivery repairs.

Ranking No.1 on a trustworthiness scale is a Lexus GX, an old-school SUV that cost $58,428 during a time of testing. The second-place vehicle, a Toyota Prius C, is most cheaper during $20,850—plus it gets 37 miles per gallon in city driving, saving owners even more. It’s followed by a Toyota Prius Prime during $29,889 and a Mazda MX-5 Miata during $29,905. You can check out a full list below.

1. Lexus GX // $58,428
2. Toyota Prius C // $20,850
3. Toyota Prius Prime // $29,889
4. Mazda MX-5 Miata // $29,905
5. Toyota Corolla // $20,652
6. Lexus NX // $43,284-$51,224
7. Toyota Prius // $27,323
8. Honda Fit // $19,025
9. Kia Sedona // $34,795
10. Toyota Highlander // $41,169-$50,875

The internet is a profitable apparatus for automobile buyers, though some sum about a automobile can usually be assessed in person. Here’s what we should know before holding a automobile for a test-drive.

[h/t Consumer Reports]

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