The 10 best cars that will be expelled in 2019-2020

In a entrance years motorists will have a lot of engaging new features. This, of course, articulate about a new model. We offer to your courtesy a tip 10 coolest new automobile models that seem in 2019-2020, writes a with anxiety to AutoNews.

Alfa Romeo GTVКонцерн FCA by a 5 year growth plan skeleton to rise and move to marketplace several new models, sports cars and crossovers. Among them will be hybrid and coupe GTV (see a print above) that is built on a basement of a Alfa Romeo Giulia of a stream generation. The sum ability of a hybrid energy plant will make 600 HP Exact date of a coming of a GTV is not nonetheless known.

Apple iMaybeApple once designed to emanate a self-driving car, Project Titan, though afterwards a plan was closed. However, Apple is still building record of Autonomous driving. It will be implemented in a unconventional automobile Apple iMaybe. IMaybe announced about dual years ago. It was argued that it will seem in 2020. Unfortunately, given many of it is not audible. It is not released that Apple will tighten this project, though we don’t remove hope.

Audi Sport EVAudi Sport sub-brand, Audi, has recently announced that it in 2020 will start to sell electric Audi Sport EV. Great news. It is a empathize that some-more about this product, zero was said. It really will not be a crossover, as Audi has pronounced that he will seem later. So, we are articulate about a sedan, coupe or hatchback.

BMW і4В a finish of 2019, will start offered electric BMW i4. This will be a initial all-electric BMW for a mass buyer. It will be built on a basement of a judgment Vision Dynamics. On a singular battery assign i4 will be means to expostulate 700 km.

Genesis GV80В 2019-2021 years, Genesis skeleton to move to marketplace 3 new crossover. First of them will be mid-size Genesis GV80 – in early 2019. Its pattern is not too opposite from a judgment shown this year during a automobile uncover in Detroit. After him, a owners will offer a crossover GV70, that will emanate on a basement of a sedan G70. The third indication is not nonetheless known.

Electrical crossovers GMДва months ago, Chevrolet denounced during a Shanghai engine uncover judgment FNR-X, and a conduct GM pronounced that they wish to marketplace a new electric crossover. Perhaps this is one and a same model. It is not released that it will be built on a height of a Chevrolet Bolt. So, a sum ability of a energy plant of a new electric crossover will be around 200 HP But it is also probable that we are articulate about dual opposite models.

Hyundai Santa Cruz Rskill 2015 Detroit automobile uncover showed a judgment tiny pick-up Santa Cruz determined on a basement of crossover. Recently it became famous that this lorry will go into production. The prolongation chronicle will be formed on a crossover Santa Fe. The sale of this lorry will start in 2020.

Road Land Rover RoverLand Rover is building an electric sedan Road Rover. This information is reliable by “nearly” official. The new Land Rover envisages a foundation of a whole line, and Road Rover is no exception. Perhaps it will be a crossover sedan with a tangible off-road abilities.

Mazda RX-9Уже prolonged been rumored that Mazda wants to revitalise RX-9, though usually recently, after a display of a judgment of a Mazda RX-Vision, they began to demeanour utterly realistic. Until about this car, probably zero is known. The Internet is his usually describe a image.

ZСпорткар Nissan Nissan 370Z seemed in 2009, and given afterwards roughly never updated. Recently a Network began to write about that shortly Nissan Z will be a new generation. It is approaching that this new product will emanate on a height of a Mercedes. To deliver a new Japanese sports automobile can be due to a describe images.

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