Test Drive: Mazdas 2019 CX-5 is simply impressive

Ergonomics distinguishes this compress SUV from others in a class.

In an epoch when some car designers proportion complexity with desirability, a 2019 Mazda CX-5 rolls onstage as an easygoing, accessible transport companion.

Almost all about it feels familiar, as if you’ve already had a relationship. It has comfort and accessible luxury, yet though a nonsensical change push or an infotainment complement where irritating fiddling is compulsory usually to set favorite radio stations.

Climb aboard. In a tested top-line Signature model, we lay on a comfortable, well-bolstered seperated leather seat, exhilarated and ventilated. Through a steering circle we perspective splendid white-on-black easy-to-read analog instruments.

The shifter has a normal PRND change pattern, yet there’s a laterally M environment for primer changeable of a six-speed involuntary transmission. Nearby is a switch for a parking stop — adult for park, down for pushing — subsequent to a toggle switch that engages a competition pushing mode, that enhances stifle response. You don’t have to demeanour to work them. Same for a radio volume knob.

Straight ahead, in your line of vision, is a head-up display. It delivers information about speed, highway signs and a adaptive journey control, that is simply intent with buttons on a steering wheel.

In a center, during a tip of a dash, is a infotainment screen. Sure, it’s small, not enormous like a one on a Tesla Model 3. But it’s right where we can see what’s going on with a discerning glance. No peering during it for concerned seconds.

Functions are operated by a doorknob on a console, that is some-more difficult than a hold shade yet doesn’t need as most focused courtesy on a screen. Simple console buttons change what’s displayed.

The word for this is ergonomics, a scholarship that seeks to adjust operative conditions to a worker. It also relates to creation a pushing knowledge discerning and transparent. Good ergonomics, of course, is not disdainful to Mazda. But a CX-5 is a quite excellent instance of courteous design.

Yet for all of a old-shoe friendliness, a CX-5 is a entirely complicated Millie. It is a compress crossover competition application car competing in a difficulty that includes a Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4, Subaru Forester, Ford Escape and Chevrolet Equinox.

Because of Mazda’s stream bid to pierce a models upscale, a CX-5, quite in a luxury-equipped Signature version, sells for a few thousand dollars some-more than a top-line CR-V and RAV4 models.

The tested CX-5 Signature had a bottom cost of $37,885 and, with a few options, had a bottom-line plaque of $39,030. But a apparatus and facilities rivaled those of oppulance crossovers like a Cadillac XT4 and Infiniti QX50, both of that are some-more expensive, good into a mid-$50,000 range.

Mazda is not a outrageous actor among manufacturers, not even in a compress crossover category. Yet as partial of a stream trend toward crossovers, a CX-5 is Mazda’s best seller in a U.S., totaling some-more sales than all of a company’s other models combined.

Aware of a lagging sales compared to a rival set, Mazda has set out to heed a CX-5 in mixed ways that minister to a pushing experience. In that, opening enhances ergonomics.

There are 5 trim levels, starting with a Sport during $25,345. Others are a Touring, Grand Touring, Grand Touring Reserve and a tested Signature. Only a final dual get Mazda’s new 2.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, that creates 227 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque. The others use a naturally-aspirated 2.5-liter four-banger with 187 horsepower and 186 pound-feet of torque.

The turbo engine delivers adequate grunt to accelerate a Signature indication to 60 miles an hour in somewhat over 6 seconds — some-more than important in this era. Though it can be achieved simply by punching a pedal to a floor, a Sport mode facilitates it by holding a shifts to aloft revs. You can change manually, yet usually with a change lever. There are no paddles on a steering wheel.

Handling is sedan-like with no apparent gaunt on curves. Straight-line pushing requires few steering corrections and a CX-3 cruises sensitively with a bit of engine sound usually on acceleration. With a cessation complement inequitable toward handling, a float gets a bit choppy on severe roads.

There’s copiousness of conduct and knee room for 4 persons, yet a fifth center-rear position is impossibly cramped. The back seatbacks are separate in 3 and overlay scarcely prosaic to roughly double a load space of 31 to 60 cubic feet.


Model: 2019 Mazda CX-5 Signature AWD four-door crossover competition application vehicle

Engine: 2.5-liter four-cylinder; turbocharged, 227 hp, 310 lb-ft torque

Transmission: Six-speed involuntary with manual-shift mode

Overall length: 14 feet, 11 inches

Height: 5 feet, 5 inches

EPA passenger/cargo volume: 102/31 cubic feet

Weight: 3,825 pounds

Towing capability: 2,000 pounds

EPA city/highway/combined fuel consumption: 22/27/24 mpg

Base price, including end charge: $37,885

Price as tested: $39,030

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