Test Drive: Finally, a midsize lorry that isn’t built too big

I’ve been pushing trucks lately. All kinds of trucks. Some work trucks. Some play trucks. Some best for long-haul driving. Some best for off-road.

But they were all huge.

From a Ford F-150 to a Ram 1500 to a Nissan Titan, a 2017 pickups are massive. Climbing into a driver’s chair requires a stepladder or a using leap. Getting behind down requires a curled sheet. Lower a lifeboats! Women and children first!

This is even loyal with some trucks that are marketed and sole as “midsize.” The Toyota Tacoma and a Honda Ridgeline aren’t as large as a Toyota Tundra or a Chevrolet Silverado, yet ascent them requires genuine commitment. Try removing into one while carrying a minty venti vanilla latte in your palm and — forget it.

So it was with genuine compensation that we slid into a front chair of a 2018 Colorado Redline 4WD LT. we only hopped right in, though wanting a reserve strap or an oxygen mask.

The section we borrowed was a Crew Cab Short Box Colorado. That meant it had a behind chair for passengers or storage and a lorry bed large adequate to lift a bucket of luggage, with a tailgate up, or a motorcycle, with a tailgate down.

Despite a “Short Box” designation, this is no kiddie car. Its extraneous measure are about a same as an homogeneous Ford F-150 — solely for vertically.

The Colorado step-in tallness is 22 inches, roughly dual inches reduce than a likewise configured F-150. The seats feel reduce too. So even yet a Colorado gives adult an in. in belligerent clearway to a taller Ford, it’s an easier mount.

Around town, a Colorado gathering some-more like a sedan than a truck. It felt easy to park — interjection in partial to a better-than-average backup camera — and easy to scheme on slight streets, that is a pivotal cause for people who, like me, live in tight, twisty residential areas.

Steering and braking also felt well-spoken and sedan-like.

Sitting on a discretionary 18-inch wheels and rugged tires, it’s still high adequate to arise somewhat above a trade and give good visibility.

Like many trucks, it’s not accurately wordless on a freeway. Despite a use of an adequate volume of sound-deadening element in a runner and headliner, there still was copiousness of breeze sound and tire sound during aloft speeds.

The four-wheel expostulate and 3.6-liter V-6 engine, corresponding to Chevy’s eight-speed involuntary transmission, offering adequate low-end torque to get me out of gummy situations, yet we didn’t plea it most over a few hilly uphills and one widen of low sand, that we cowed though violation a persperate — me or a truck.

The backseat offers room for 3 full-size adults and is given with crater holders, device plug-ins and copiousness of conduct room. Despite what looked like singular leg room to me, my passengers reported that a back genuine estate was comfortable.

Those back seats also overlay adult to exhibit a accessible storage area beneath. This is where a tire jack collection are located, too, and would be a good place to store valuables during that Joshua Tree hike.

Standard on a LT trim line are minimal amenities, such as keyless entry, locking tailgate, energy seats and a sloping and telescoping steering wheel.

The indication we gathering had, as options, 18-inch wheels, dual hooks, load tie-downs, an off-road sports bar, locking differential and other equipment that prepared a lorry for rough turf and bumped adult a MSRP.

The Colorado won’t do what a lot of bigger trucks will. The Ford F-150 we final reviewed was a improved heavy-duty work truck. The Ram 1500 we used to transport motorcycles adult to a Cycle World Sierra journey convene was some-more off-road ready. The Nissan Titan we gathering off-road in a White Mountains was a higher rock-crawler.

But if we were shopping an around-town truck, able of boring me and my machines to a dried yet also easy adequate to get into a swarming Trader Joe’s parking lot, I’d demeanour tough during a Colorado.


Vehicle type: Four-door, five-passenger pickup truck

Base price: $34,770

Price as tested: $41,055

Powertrain: 3.6-liter V-6 gasoline engine

Transmission: eight-speed automatic

Horsepower: 308

Torque: 275 bruise feet

EPA fuel economy rating: 17 mpg city / 24 highway / 19 combined

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