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Published on Jun 8th, 2018
by Kyle Field


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Tesla CEO Elon Musk competence have pulled behind from his initial all-in position on a automation of a Model 3 prolongation lines in recents weeks yet don’t make a mistake about a march alleviation — it’s not an abandonment of his office of unconstrained bureau lines. In fact, Tesla common with Bloomberg that a “Model 3 physique line is now 95 percent automated, including the transfer, loading, and welding of parts.”


The grounds behind automation is that no matter how good they are, humans make mistakes. Also, they contingency be paid as prolonged as they work, since machines can be paid off and still operate.

Computers, and a robots they control, work off of immobile or energetic proof and can conflict in a standard, predicted approach to a immobile input. “The intent in front of me is a left-hand door. When we see a left-hand door, we squeeze it with all 8 of my appendages, collect it adult and pierce it from plcae A to plcae B. When we get a doorway to plcae B, we tell a drudge named Superman to shaft it up.”

Automation resonates with Tesla since during a core, Tesla thinks and operates like a module company. Its vehicles have firmware that can be softened around over-the-air updates since what programmer in their right mind thinks a module is ever going to be bug-free on launch day.

Even if it was bug-free, there will always be an unavoidable underline that it would be good to have a ability to supplement 2 months from now. Tesla did accurately this in response to feedback from Consumer Reports, that found a braking distances on a Model 3 to be all over a map. Tesla bound a emanate and pushed it out to all Model 3s in reduction than a week.

Automation of a prolongation line is how programmers and module nuts interpret their proof gates and syntax into a earthy world. Elon didn’t wish to buy and build a prolongation line that could usually do one thing. He wanted and built a earthy phenomenon of a prolongation programming denunciation that he could afterwards take and, as a conductor, make it sing a strain that best matched a needs of a company.

Vehicles change over time, generally during Tesla, where a Model S has famously perceived as many as 20 changes per week in a prolongation vehicles. A constantly changing product requires a prolongation line that can adjust and be reprogrammed to fit a ever changing needs of a business.

Continuous Improvement (aka, The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection)

Software evolves. Tesla’s products evolve. If it is anything else, a rough startup of Tesla’s Model 3 prolongation lines paint a aroused collision of a practical universe of module with a earthy world. It’s Tron all over again.

Continuous alleviation isn’t new to a prolongation world, yet robots have altered a impact it can have. If we usually review a cover of a book, robots paint a destiny that childhood cartoons betrothed — flexible, delivering a products and services we need when we need them, and doing it all with a smile.

In a genuine world, robots competence grin yet they aren’t perfect. It takes a immeasurable army of programmers, automotive experts, and uncontrollable willpower to lift by a unavoidable programming bugs that perceptible themselves as squeaks in a finished product, physique row gaps, and disproportionate paint.

Doing this on a immeasurable scale with dozens of robots in any prolongation line while confronting a daily attack by a mainstream media about every.single.flaw that crops adult is not a assign for a gloomy of heart.

Production Hell

Tesla’s Model 3 prolongation line was a homogeneous of regulating into conflict while perplexing to put on your armor and whet a sword mid-sprint. The aged embellishment of attempting to build a craft while drifting it is a satisfactory one, with hundreds of thousands of reservation holders chomping during a bit to get that one special email from Tesla, mouth-watering them to a jubilee of their lives.

On a other side of a table, investors reason positions or shorts in an admittedly over-inflated batch that soared to unsustainable levels formed on goals that were settled in Elon Time yet that contingency be achieved in a genuine world.

To make matters worse for Tesla, it has taken adult a confidant position during a tip of a stalk in a conflict opposite meridian change. It’s not a quarrel opposite a universe yet a substitute fight with a whole hoary fuel attention that continues to greedily adhere to a vestiges of a failing attention that refuses to get with a times. The times, they are a changin’, and Tesla was a one to lift behind a curtain, exposing both a terrible inlet of hoary fuels, yet some-more importantly, showcasing usually how most improved electric vehicles could be than a fire-belching, smoke-spewing inner explosion vehicles that came before.

As if it indispensable any topping on a cake, most of a media continues to sensationalize any and any glow in a Tesla automobile even yet a rates of fires are so low as to aver jubilee for such a impassioned improvement. Overall reserve rates of Tesla vehicles and a inundate of appreciate we tweets from collision survivors make it transparent that Tesla is heading a assign towards a safer car, fires and all. No complement is perfect, yet even Tesla’s hotly debated Autopilot resolution is already a four-fold alleviation in newcomer fatalities compared to a attention standard.

It’s no consternation Elon is going a bit crazy fighting battles on any front when a information proves otherwise. But that usually matters if a vehicles make it out a door. Elon is assured that they will grasp a aim Model 3 prolongation rate of 5,000 vehicles per week by a finish of this month. In Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting progressing this week, Elon common that all Model 3 prolongation lines had demonstrated a rate of 500 vehicles per day. It’s going to take some-more work to get all of those prolongation lines singing in peace yet it’s a step in a right direction. It’s progress.

Quality Control

Tesla’s army of robots are also focusing on delivering a top peculiarity vehicles with a tightest tolerances for peculiarity of any automotive manufacturer on a planet. Bloomberg common that Tesla has 47 robots deployed in scanning stations sprinkled around a Model 3 physique prolongation line.

“They measure 1,900 points in any Model 3 to compare them to pattern specs—with a pointing of 0.15 millimeters. Torque measurements are also automatically available for any shaft that’s fastened. During a final exam drives on a track, sound recorders measure squeaks, rattles and breeze and road noise that a exam motorist competence miss. All of this information is stored with any car’s singular Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN, so use centers can snippet any emanate behind to a base means in a factory. The thought is that Tesla will be means to improve its cars, even after they’re in a customer’s driveway.”

This competence seem impassioned yet it’s standard for a march for Tesla. Getting behind to automation, these robots yield information — genuine data, not usually red/green, pass/fail triggers — that denote conclusively that Tesla’s vehicles accommodate peculiarity targets.

Along a way, they accumulate data, masses of information that again pronounce to Tesla’s roots in software. Big information drives a craving and Tesla believes that capturing as most information as it can while a automobile is being made will concede it to brand base causes of issues it discovers later. The trend research and base means research of normal prolongation will certainly give approach to practical appurtenance training and synthetic comprehension being used to investigate and brand trends formed on tangible information from a field.

It’s usually a matter of time before Tesla starts rolling these learnings into a products before they turn problems, regulating a peculiarity declaration robots and information to let AI pattern and afterwards build a subsequent era of Tesla vehicles.

The destiny is now. Tesla is defining a subsequent era of not usually a automotive attention and a appetite industry, yet a whole universe of manufacturing. This is story in a making.

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