Tesla’s Claim That It Outsells a Toyota Camry ‘By Revenue’ Doesn’t Really Mean Anything

At Tuesday night’s annual shareholder meeting, Tesla CEO Elon Musk reassured everybody that there was no direct problem for a company’s cars, and that a Tesla Model 3 was indeed a best-selling car, by revenue, opposite heavyweight competitors like a Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, and whatever a ruin a “Honda Corolla” is. But what does that indeed mean?

After bringing adult how a Tesla Model 3 continues to outsell reward compress sedan competitors like a BMW 3 Series, Audi A4 and Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Elon Musk changed on to contend that a Model 3 was a best-selling automobile by income opposite any high volume sedan sole in a U.S.

You can watch this impulse during around a 28:30 symbol in a video uploaded to Tesla’s YouTube channel. Here’s a screenshot of a comparison draft between a Model 3 and other sedans from a livestream:


Typos aside, it’s value seeking because Tesla chose to review a Model 3 opposite other high volume sedans usually by revenue. As distant as attention measurements go, best-selling by income is kind of bullshit, given it’s usually an indicator of income that’s entrance in, and doesn’t criticism for how many income it takes to build, market, and broach a car, among other expenses.

Further, as Musk pronounced on stage, cars like a Camry, Accord, Civic and Corolla indeed outsell a Model 3 by volume, they only cost less, given they aren’t in a Model 3’s reward sedan segment. More interestingly, Musk pronounced that Model 3 both outsold and brought in some-more income than all of a loyal competitors—the 3 Series, C Class, Audi A4—combined.


That is impressive, and really a kind of thing we would contend during a shareholders’ meeting, to an assembly primed for some good news. But Tesla is still approach behind on a metric that flattering many everybody else in a attention uses to consider a business’ health: profit.

Toyota, for example, had handling income of $22 billion in a mercantile year finale in March. Honda had a small reduction than $7 billion handling income during a same period. BMW made about $10 billion in calendar year 2018, while Daimler took in $12.5 billion and Volkswagen made $15.8 billion in that time.


Tesla, meanwhile, said in January that it mislaid $1 billion in 2018, and followed adult that news with another outrageous loss in a initial 3 months of 2019, amid questions of whether weakening demand was starting to spin an emanate for a company.

Nicole Carriere, a mouthpiece for Edmunds.com, told Jalopnik that Tesla calculates a best-selling-car-by-revenue stat regulating some of Edmunds’ data, though she pronounced that it’s not used internally.


“… this is not something that a analysts precedence or even calculate as a approach to consider a health of an automaker’s business (profitability is a pivotal cause that’s not accounted for in this figure),” Carriere pronounced after we reached out for an consultant opinion.

Tesla declined to criticism on a record, though forked Jalopnik to comments CFO Zachary Kirkhorn done in a first-quarter gain discussion call, when a association said it mislaid $702 million in a initial 3 months of 2019.

Yes, this is Zach. we mean, what we saw on Feb 28 when we launched a Standard Range, a Standard Range Plus opposite is that there’s restrained direct for those products that expelled really fast after it was announced. And afterwards as some-more time has upheld and sequence rates have stabilized, it’s starting — a normal ASP has indeed been augmenting any week ever given as a sequence rate stabilizes. And only underneath $50,000 ASP represents a many new data, and we consider it’s starting to stabilise there. And we’ll see where things trend in EMEA and China as well, though what we’re saying in North America is that over 50% of a orders are of a long-range variants and a ASPs are essential enough.


ASP in this context stands for normal offered price, and so a Model 3 with a fast normal offered cost of only underneath $50,000 sounds about right, deliberation a opening trim starts during $59,900 before options.

But all of these numbers won’t meant anything if Tesla can never reliably spin a profit, and it’s adult to them to infer to everybody there isn’t indeed a direct problem. We’ll get some-more hints about that when Tesla reports a second entertain total after this summer.

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