#TeslaCities … German Solar Record … Tesla Model 3 vs 22 Competitors … (Top 30 CleanTechnica Stories of 2017)


Published on Dec 31st, 2017
by Zachary Shahan


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The year only wrapped adult here in Europe. Below were a 30 many renouned articles of a year here on CleanTechnica. Naturally, notwithstanding a slower prolongation ramp than approaching and planned, a large cleantech story of a year was a Tesla Model 3. However, no essay about that automobile won a tip spot. Surprisingly, a tip mark was won by a piece we unequivocally fast put together after almost determining to go to bed instead. we consider there’s unequivocally something to that article’s success, and we consider Tesla would be correct to consider it — though that’s a contention for another day.

A German solar appetite record afterwards swooped in and stole china before a Tesla Model 3 took bronze with a story comparing a specs to a specs of 22 “competitors.” For a rest of a list, corkscrew down.

1. Tesla Plans To Build Entire City, Possibly Hundreds Of #TeslaCities

2. Germany Breaks A Solar Record — Gets 85% Of Electricity From Renewables

3. Tesla Model 3 vs 22 Competitors (The Straight Specs)

4. Low Costs of Solar Power Wind Power Crush Coal, Crush Nuclear, Beat Natural Gas (technically, this was published on Dec 25, 2016)

5. Tesla Model 3 vs Electric Competitors (The Straight Specs)

6. $10,492 Tesla Model S Maintenance Costs After 300,000 Miles, $0 Charging

7. Tesla Wins A Battle In Its War With Michigan

8. Tesla Model S Charging Cost After 17,000 km = $70

9. Tesla Elon Musk Shock Australia — Superfast Energy Storage Installation

10. 6 Tesla-Owning Celebrities Their Modified Teslas

11. SpaceX Employee’s Tesla Model 3 Delivery Update Hints At Quicker Than Expected Production (Maybe)

12. Tesla Blows Minds Deep In Kentucky

13. Tesla Model 3 Spy Shots Flooding Internet (44 Pictures)

14. Denmark Generated Enough Wind Energy To Power All Its Electricity Needs On Wednesday

15. What Now, Tesla Naysayers?

16. Electric Cars Are A Global Threat, Says Marchionne

17. Tesla Keeps Crushing, Chevy Bolt Keeps Climbing, Nissan LEAF Hangs In (US Electric Sales Report)

18. Tesla Superchargers vs … Ugh

19. $30,000 Off Price Of Tesla Model S P100D Or Model X P100D Showroom Cars This Month

20. 8 Seconds With First Tesla Model 3 Delivered Outside Of California — Austin, Texas [Update: Three Model 3 Videos]

21. How to Sleep in a Tesla Model S or Model X

22. How Does The Chevy Bolt Compare To The Tesla Model 3?

23. India’s Government To Purchase 10,000 EVs From Tata Motors

24. 504,000 Tesla Model 3 Gasmobile Competitor Sales In USA In 2016, Why To Buy Them In 2018

25. UBS: Chevy Bolt Powertrain $4,600 Cheaper Than Thought, Tesla Model 3 Likely To Be Profitable

26. There Is An Epic Battle Happening Between Musk The Tesla Haters

27. 1st Tesla Model 3 Book Is Superb — 3 Reasons Why

28. Tesla Model 3 Minimalism vs Buttons Stuff

29. US Wind Industry Could Drive A Quarter-Million Jobs By 2020, Says Navigant

30. “Solar Ink” Spells More Bad News For Coal — From Trump Administration

In total, 23 of a tip 30 CleanTechnica stories of 2017 directly associated to Tesla — and maybe one some-more if people incidentally review “Tesla Motors” instead of “Tata Motors” in essay #23. 😉 That’s a distant aloft share for Tesla than a association has among a altogether coverage (the 5,386 stories we published in 2017).

While we try to be driven entirely by what we consider is value covering and sharing, not by clicks, we consider we’d be correct to do a bit of a improved pursuit covering and formulating Tesla stories some-more frequently, some-more quickly, and with some-more abyss and analysis. Clearly, this is a association pushing many of a EV attention and also a US solar and tellurian appetite storage industries. It’s so a association that has a many reader interest. We’ll do a improved pursuit of removing we more, quicker, and improved Tesla coverage in 2018 — along with ongoing and many deeper coverage of all we consider is hugely critical in a broader cleantech world.

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Zach has long-term investments in TSLA, FSLR, SPWR, SEDG, ABB — after years of covering solar and EVs, he simply has a lot of faith in these sold companies and feels like they are good cleantech companies to deposit in. But he offers no veteran investment recommendation and would rather not be obliged for we losing money, so don’t burst to conclusions.

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