Tesla Week: More On The Model Y — And More Delays For $35,000 …

Model Y teaser.

This week’s gain contention call was sprinkled with Model Y chatter. While a $35,000 Model 3 smoothness date got pushed back.

[For a week finale Feb 11, 2018]

Elon Musk is not bashful about articulate about a subsequent large thing. Accordingly, a Model Y — roughly a reduce cost chronicle of a Model X — came adult a lot on Wednesday. Though some of a contention was stirred by analysts seeking about a Y.

But before we go there…let’s get an answer to that blazing question: What are a chances of Musk stepping down as CEO of Tesla? Let’s let Elon answer that.

At some indicate if there’s somebody unequivocally fantastic inside or outward a association who could take on that purpose and who would wish to have that pretension and that role. And that would be excellent with me…I would concentration on product development, that is pattern and engineering, that is what we like doing best. 

–Elon Musk, Tesla fourth-quarter gain contention call, Feb 7, 2018

Needless to say, he added: “There are no skeleton to make a change during this time.” And he pronounced before to a above criticism that “I pattern to sojourn CEO for a foreseeable future.” That said, it sounds to me like he’s, during a unequivocally least, interesting a thought down a highway of a purpose that would be equivalent to Bill Gates when he became Chief Software Architect during Microsoft.

Here’s a discerning outline of a Model Y discussion, courtesy of Seeking Alpha as good as my possess records after listening to a audio.

Model Y manufacture:

[The Model Y is] unequivocally holding a lot of lessons schooled from Model 3 and observant how do we pattern something to be easy to make instead of how to manufacture. So, we consider it’s going to be…pretty scalable for Model Y…But we consider we wish to wait substantially 3 to 6 months before announcing any decisive skeleton on prolongation plcae and a sum compared with that.  

–Elon Musk

Model Y investment vs Model 3:

But we are going to, as we suspect, need to make some collateral investments in a second half of this year. Really late Q3, Q4 for Model Y.

–Elon Musk

Our biggest…investment is apparently in a Model 3…And that includes execution of a payments that we still have to make on a ability we are putting in place now as good as poignant investment in a compulsory up-front for a subsequent proviso of Model 3 prolongation to 10,000 and per week…Way some-more than 50% is Model 3.

–Deepak Ahuja, Tesla arch financial officer

Model Y prolongation capacity: 

Just to give some arrange of season for confidence on Model Y…I consider we competence aim for something like maybe ability of 1 million units a year. Something like that. Just for Model Y alone. And we consider we’ll be means to do that for CapEx that is reduction than a Model 3 CapEx…So…I consider we can substantially urge CapEx by a cause of 2. Not a guarantee yet that’s my tummy feel on Model Y CapEx only to give we a season for my turn of confidence on improvements on a prolongation front.

–Elon Musk

Nuts and bolts sum about a Model Y will come later:

I’m flattering vehement about a Model Y stuff…I consider we wish to benefaction that in a some-more cohesive fashion. It’s substantially not a subsequent gain call yet call it 6 months from now.

–Elon Musk

Removing a prolongation paint points:

I’m unequivocally vehement about a Model Y prolongation and a pattern for manufacturing. Like potentially how do we pattern out all a pain that we’re now going through.

We do not wish to knowledge it again. There’s unequivocally a lot of pain. we would have to say, a pain turn is intensely high. we mean, we was in a factory, we was in a Gigafactory on Thanksgiving Day, as were many other Tesla people. It’s hardcore, okay? Seven days a week… So we don’t wish to repeat that.

–Elon Musk

Model 3 various delays: many inexpensive Model 3 behind again 

Following a contention call, business who had reservations for a Model 3 saw their projected smoothness dates change, as reported by Green Car Reports and InsideEVs.

“Most notably, those who had indifferent a base [$35,000] Model 3 rather than a Long Range chronicle saw their dates pushed behind to late 2018 and early 2019,” pronounced Green Car Reports. And as Electrek reports Tesla has pushed behind “standard battery” (aka $35,000 Model 3 with 220 mile operation and rear-wheel drive) to early 2019.

“It appears as yet Day 1 reservation holders are saying a late 2018 timeline for a customary Model 3, given those who indifferent on Day 2 are receiving a early 2019 notice,” pronounced InsideEVs.

Though it should be remarkable that Canadian reservation holders news — via a Model 3 Owners Club — that timelines have been changed adult “provided they opt for a long-range, some-more costly chronicle of a Model 3,” as InsideEVs points out.

Model 3 and gigafactory prolongation update: “were…overconfident”…”a grade of complacency”

And we consider in partial we were substantially a small over-confident, a small restored in meditative that this is something we know and understand. And put a lot of courtesy on other things and only got too gentle with a ability to do battery modules given we’ve been doing that given a start of a company.

–Elon Musk

I also only wish to add. we consider it’s satisfactory to contend that…maybe a grade of relief that happened during a finish of final year has been entirely transposed by an heated concentration from a outrageous apportionment of a Tesla group and there are a lot of opposite initiatives and teams, whole teams, targeted during this area. So, as Elon non-stop with, it’s not a doubt of if we will get to a prolongation rate, it’s only a doubt of a matter of time.

–Jeffrey B. Straubel, Chief Technical Officer

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