Tesla Still Hasn’t Told Us Everything About The Model 3 Yet

Elon Musk sat down for an speak during Wednesday night’s Code Conference to discuss about how life is only a simulation, a Apple car, and a government of Mars. Maybe he’s an visitor himself. But he also hinted about what’s in store for Tesla after this year.

Elon Musk’s speak was flattering wild. Only one male can beget half of a dozen headlines from a singular theatre interview. But, deliberation his hands in Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity, a Hyperloop and so most other stuff, he contingency have a lot to speak about.

Here’s a dash from Recode:


Talking about Tesla, Musk hinted during what a automaker has designed for a rest of a 2016.


First up, Musk reliable that a Model 3 pattern would be “pencils down” in a subsequent 6 weeks, that lines adult with a prior projection of completing a automobile by a summer.

The CEO also chatted about how this would be Tesla’s initial automobile designed privately to make prolongation some-more cost-efficient and easier. That should assistance a association accommodate a large direct for a automobile and a recently rushed prolongation timeline. He also mentioned that destiny “versions” will approaching collect adult additional features.

Musk was after asked about a doubt surrounding a company’s certainty in mass prolongation of a Model 3 by a finish of 2017, where he shifted a vigour onto Tesla’s suppliers, observant it comes down to a “least lucky” and “least competent.”


The large puzzling impulse of a night was when Musk hinted during another “big” eventuality for a Model 3 after this year. The spirit was given in response to a doubt about saying a fully-realized unconstrained Model 3 when a pattern was finish in 6 weeks, with Musk responding that there are no events designed for that time frame.

But that still leaves a large eventuality for 2016, so is it an enrichment of Tesla’s autopilot program? That’s likely, though what else could it be?

We do also already know that Tesla is operative on a “Model Y,” that is approaching to be a tiny crossover various formed on a Model 3. It might be doubtful that a association would exhibit a second automobile before successfully commencement prolongation of a Model 3.

It could also be a partnership announcement, as that’s been a name of a automotive diversion recently with all sorts of automakers and tech startups fasten forces. Musk was also flattering talkative about a “missed opportunity” of Apple building a automobile sooner.

Of march a biggest eventuality will be indeed saying a Model 3 and a accelerated prolongation timeline satisfied successfully, that should unequivocally be a categorical concentration for a group right now. That, and all those pesky peculiarity issues.

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