Tesla Model Y Could Eclipse The Model 3: What Elon Musk Has Said

Second Model Y teaser.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has pronounced adequate about a Model Y to give those watchful in a wings some thought of what to expect.

Before we get to a contribution (as communicated by Musk), here’s a best guesswork so distant on what a automobile will be like.

It appears to be moulding up as a scaled-down Model X or a “Model 3-size application vehicle,” (Electrek). “Based on a sketches, a car positively looks bulkier than a Model 3, though Tesla is unequivocally presenting a images in a approach that we don’t see a doors, that could be an try to not endorse a intensity Falcon Wing doors,” Electrek said.

“Model Y will be…quite expected to be even more renouned than a Model 3,” said Inside EVs. “Price-wise, demeanour for it to container in somewhere between a Model 3 and a Model S, maybe in a $45,000-range for a bottom version,” Inside EVs added.

“When it’s available, a Tesla Model Y would take on challengers such as a Jaguar I-Pace, BMW iX3, and Mercedes-Benz EQC, that competence kick it to market,” said Green Car Reports.

Tesla “expects to cross a pivotal battery-cost threshold of $100-per-kilowatt-hour after this year. That could cut a cost of a Model Y significantly and assistance lessen new buyers who competence not accept a sovereign taxation credit for their electric-car purchase, according to Green Car Reports.

Yesterday wouldn’t be shortly enough: one critique that mostly comes adult is a timing of a Model Y. Ideally, Tesla would have delivered a Model Y during a same time as a Model 3. Small crossovers are a fury now as automakers cancel sedans right and left. But whatever a case, it’s roughly a given that once Tesla opens adult orders for a Model Y,  reservations will go by a roof — exclusive an variable corporate existential threat.

Model Y teaser.

What Musk has said:

Public reveal: Model Y will be suggested in Mar 2019, Musk pronounced this past week during a shareholder assembly (June 5, 2018).

Steering circle (or miss thereof): No leather in a steering circle — “even if it does have a steering wheel.”

Model Y Production: Likely 2020. “Maybe around dual years from now,” Musk pronounced during a shareholder meeting. “Basically, initial half of 2020.”

“The prolongation plcae for Model Y has not been decided. We’re unequivocally swarming here during Fremont,” he pronounced during a May 3 gain discussion call. “So we’ll try to figure out what a optimal plcae is for Model Y production, though it’s not here. Not here during Fremont,” Musk said.

Manufacturing revolution: “I consider Model Y is going to be a prolongation revolution. It will be, we think, implausible from a prolongation standpoint, since we do not wish to go by this [Model 3] pain again.”

It has to be easier to manufacture, Musk insists.  “[The Model Y is] unequivocally holding a lot of lessons schooled from Model 3 and observant how do we pattern something to be easy to make instead of how to manufacture. So, we consider it’s going to be…pretty scalable for Model Y…But we consider we wish to wait substantially 3 to 6 months before announcing any decisive skeleton on prolongation plcae and a sum compared with that,” he pronounced in a Feb 7, 2018 gain discussion call.

Aiming for 1 million/year Model Y prolongation capacity: “Just to give some arrange of season for confidence on Model Y…I consider we competence aim for something like…capacity of 1 million units a year. Something like that. Just for Model Y alone,” Musk pronounced in February.

“And we consider we’ll be means to do that for CapEx that is reduction than a Model 3 CapEx…So…I consider we can substantially urge CapEx by a cause of 2. Not a guarantee though that’s my tummy feel on Model Y CapEx only to give we a season for my turn of confidence on improvements on a prolongation front.”

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