Tesla Model 3 with twin engine now designed for July, says Elon Musk …

Tesla strictly designed to recover a Model 3 with twin engine all-wheel-drive in “mid-2018” and we have recently seen several signs that a new chronicle of a car is coming.

Now CEO Elon Musk related a recover of a new Model 3 powertrain with a automaker achieving a prolongation rate of 5,000 Model 3 vehicles per week, that he now expects to strike in July.

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Earlier this year, we reported on Tesla induction 19 Model 3 VINs with twin engine powertrain with NHTSA in a latest collection of new VINs.

It happened right after the Tesla Model 3 twin engine powertrain pattern (pictured above) leaked in a latest pattern studio update.

Then in February, Tesla purebred a new collection of Model 3 VINs, including twin dozen Model 3 VINs with a twin engine powertrain.

It lifted Model 3 reservation holders’ wish that a new pattern could shortly turn available, though now Muck reliable that it is still a few months divided in a array of tweets final night:

The CEO also related a timing with a recover of a Model 3 white interior. Tesla now usually offers a singular interior choice with black upholstery.

The twin engine Model 3 is approaching to broach a somewhat longer operation and offer a quicker acceleration than a stream singular engine rear-wheel-drive version.

Last week, Tesla reliable that they are now producing about 2,000 Model 3 vehicles per week.

Electrek’s Take

What is many engaging here is that it implies Tesla expects to be means to furnish and broach adult to 5,000 Model 3 vehicles per week with a singular configuration.

The Model 3 is now usually offering with a rear-wheel-drive engine and ‘Long Range’ battery pack.

The customary battery container and a twin engine configurations are approaching to be utterly renouned and paint a poignant partial of a altogether orders from reservation holders.

Yet, Tesla appears to design to have adequate orders for a RWD Long Range Model 3 over a subsequent few months to furnish several thousand Model 3 vehicles per week over that duration of time.

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