Tesla Model 3: there’s a approach to see where we are in a queue, check it before Tesla finds out

Tesla reliable carrying perceived over 400,000 Model 3 reservations given a phenomenon in Mar 2016, yet after adjusting for a few cancellations and a garland of pre-orders private underneath suspicions that they were duplicates, the automaker updated a series final month to 373,000 Model 3 reservations.

The seductiveness is aloft than Tesla or almost anyone else expected, that is since the association updated a prolongation ramp adult skeleton to 500,000 vehicles in 2018 (Model S, X and 3 combined) instead of in 2020, yet even then, CEO Elon Musk pronounced that someone would need to place a reservation shortly in sequence to get a Model 3 by a finish of 2018 – implying that it is substantially sole out from a approaching launch in Q4 2017 to a finish of 2018.

Also, in a US, people hoping to reap a full advantage of a $7500 Federal taxation credit will wish to get theirs early since a credit drops in half once Tesla sells 200,000 cars of any type.

It creates your place in a Model 3 reservation reserve generally important. So distant Tesla has been usually arising non-sequential reservation numbers that don’t meant anything as to where we are in line and a association pronounced that a Model 3 will boat (or some-more precisely will be permitted for configuration) formed on when we pre-ordered it, yet now we competence have a approach for we to have a improved thought of where we mount in a queue.

To be fair, Tesla’s reservation routine for a Model 3 is utterly complex. Even yet there’s no Signature chronicle (limited edition), like there was for a S and X, stream Tesla owners are pronounced to have priority in a queue, as good as Tesla employees (which is a initial during a company) and even SpaceX employees.

Those factors, total with Tesla’s devise to broach vehicles in batches formed on regions starting with a west seashore afterwards expanding east, make a routine formidable to envision and if Tesla says to bottom your expectations on when we placed your reservation – that’s substantially your best bet.

With this said, if are among a 373,000+ people who placed a reservation and we wish to get another viewpoint on where we competence mount in a queue, we competence wish to check this out.

frederic's tesla

This is a screenshot from ‘My Tesla’ page. It’s where we find your non-sequential reservation number. In my case, RN1078XXXXX. I’m redacting a few numbers, we don’t know what someone could do with this, yet I’m not holding any risk – so other numbers will be redacted in this post, yet we will still get a point.

From this page, we can entrance a source formula by dire Ctrl+U or right clicking and afterwards ‘view page source’.

In a source, we wish to look for a ‘reservation id’. You can launch a hunt (Ctrl+F) and form ‘common_reservation_id’:frederic's tesla res idYou will find a 6-digit value trustworthy to reservation id. Based on early data, it looks like this series could be a consecutive reservation series worldwide starting from a value of 300,000 or maybe 350,000?

For example, we indifferent mins before a Model 3 betray eventuality started on Mar 31st and my series is ‘412,XXX’ and by a time a display was over, there were ~130,000 reservations.

An even improved example, my publisher Seth indifferent dual Model 3 in-store during a 31st. It was hours before my reservation and he got dual in a 380,XXX with usually a value of 15 between them.

A thread on TMC (hat tip to smythey who found a hint) is comparing everyone’s ‘common_reservation_id’ numbers to see if we can find some-more correlations. Find out what yours by following the instruction above and post in a criticism territory next with your date and time of reservation to see if we can endorse it. Though we would precipitate since Tesla could confirm to censor a id from a source code.

Update: Someone combined a public Google Doc for Model 3 reservation holders to enter their ‘common_reservation_id’. There are now over 350 entries and it looks like a consecutive reservation series speculation creates clarity with a starting indicate during around 350,000.

Update #2: It looks like Tesla altered a source formula of a ‘My Tesla’ page and the ‘common_reservation_id’ series is not permitted anymore.

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