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Even though the Model 3 has strictly been in prolongation for over 6 months now, Tesla appears to still be contrast a vehicle.

A Model 3 exam automobile has now been speckled in Halifax, Canada.

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Tesla appears to have been contrast a Model 3 in Canada during this winter – presumably for cold continue testing.

Two Model 3 vehicles were speckled in Montreal final December.

Now, another Model 3 automobile versed with manufacturer plates from California, potentially a automobile as one of a dual vehicles speckled in Montreal dual months ago, was speckled in Halifax – over 1,200 km east.

A new crony of a site speckled a Model 3 exam automobile and common a pattern of it parked in a area in Halifax today:

It does demeanour like a same Model 3 automobile that was speckled in several other cities opposite Canada over a final few months, that leads us to trust that Tesla has been contrast a automobile around a nation forward of a central homologation and launch in Canada.

Last week, Tesla accelerated a designed enlargement of a Model 3 in Canada from ‘late 2018’ to ‘mid-2018’.

If it’s indeed a same vehicle, a tour to Halifax substantially wasn’t easy given they would have travelled through New Brunswick and a Supercharger network doesn’t cover a operation yet.

But Tesla is formulation to supplement 7 stations in a Atlantic segment this year in sequence to bond Nova Scotia to a rest of a nation and a US:

The Model 3 exam automobile could still have done a outing regulating Tesla Destination chargers, that are not odd in a region, or third-party chargers.

Electrek’s Take

If Model 3 exam vehicles are in Canada for cold continue testing, am we alone in being a small disturbed that Tesla is doing that after a Model 3 is already in production?

Cold continue can have a poignant outcome on electric vehicles due to thermal control of a battery container and a impact of cabin heating on a range.

Tesla already did some winter pushing tests in New Zealand final year, but it looked like those were some-more focused on winter pushing and not a impact of a cold climate.

To be fair, Tesla already had copiousness of knowledge and information about a impact of cold continue with a Model S and Model X. we would assume that a lot of it is negotiable to Model 3, though a automobile does underline a new battery pattern and new design.

What do we think? Let us know in a criticism territory below.

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