Tesla Model 3: ready for winter with tires, mats, and more

It’s going to be a initial winter with a Tesla Model 3 for many owners and with some new concerns over how a automobile binds adult in cold weather, here are some tips and accessories that can assistance we ready your Model 3 for a winter.

Tesla Model 3 Winter Tips and Accessories

Model 3 Winter Tires

Let’s start with a obvious: winter tires. If we live in a place where it frequently snows in a winter, it’s not usually endorsed to get winter tires yet it is mostly a law.

In many places, we will get a sheet if we don’t have winter tires by mid-December, that means that Nov is about a time when we need to take this seriously.

Thanks to their intensely manageable electric motors, Tesla vehicles have good intensity for winter pushing performance, yet it doesn’t matter if we don’t have good winter tires.

Tesla sells wheel and winter tire kits starting during $2,000, yet it’s a lot cheaper to buy good winter tires that fit on your existent Model 3 wheels.

The Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 Snow Winter tires have been a prolonged time favorite of Tesla Model S and Model X owners and they can also fit a Model 3.

They are accessible on Amazon for a 18″ wheels (235/45R18) with giveaway shipping for $227.

They offer a good change between hold and comfort without totally murdering a potency of a vehicle. It’s also going to supplement adult to rebate than half of a cost of Tesla’s circle and tire kit.

Ebay is also a good place to find winter tires and they have good options accessible in a US and in Canada for many Model 3 circle sizes (18″ and 19″).

Here are a few options for opposite cost range:

For a Performance Model 3 with a Performance Upgrade, we are fundamentally batch with a 20″ given of a stop – or during slightest that’s what Tesla says.

You can get all 235/35R20 or usually in a front and 275/30R20 in a back. The Michelin Pilot Alpin tires have been endorsed to me ($340 on Amazon in a US). I’m still watchful to get pricing information for a Sottozero.

Model 3 Floormats

Another apparent one: floormats. While Model 3 comes with bureau building mats, they are not suitable for anything some-more than ideal climate.

Tesla expelled a possess Model 3 all-weather Interior mats and Electrek’s Jeff Benjamin was confident with them in a review:

But in my opinion, they are costly and a pattern doesn’t demeanour like it can keep a lot of water, that is my categorical regard in a winter.

I always try to shake a sleet off my boots before entering a car, but there’s always some left and it melts fast inside a car.

In my 10 Must-Have Tesla Model 3 Accessories post, we suggested the ToughPRO Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats Set ($85 on Amazon US) – (Amazon Canada):

They are significantly cheaper than Tesla’s and in my opinion, they are improved designed for a winter. I’ve been confident with them.

Tough Pro also has another building pad container for Model 3 that also includes mats for a trunk, frunk, and a storage area ($200 on Amazon).

A lot of people have also endorsed to me the 3D MAXpider building pad container for Model 3, however it’s significantly some-more expensive.

Model 3 door, window and hoop care

With a call of cold in Quebec final week, it became transparent that a Model 3’s handles and frameless windows are quite exposed to frozen weather.

Tesla is still looking into a issue, yet I’ve perceived several recommendations and we motionless to pierce brazen with some.

It’s misleading if a emanate with a window not going down is given of it frozen on a sign or inside a door, yet if it’s on a sign – some have endorsed rubber seal protectant (Amazon USAmazon Canada).

It’s ostensible to assistance keep a sign movable in frozen temperature.

I practical it to all a seals on my Model 3. You usually need to purify a rubber initial and afterwards request a glass all over it (though we focused generally on a tools that hold a windows):

I haven’t had issues given requesting a product, yet it hasn’t been scarcely as cold as when we had a issues.

The subsequent thing is going to be silicone mist around a doorway handles. we will news behind on that.

Model 3 Pre-Heating and Battery Pre-Conditioning

The Tesla mobile app is your crony during a winter. You can use a mobile app to preheat a cabin and defrost a windshield.

Of course, it consumes appetite and we need to take that into consideration, generally if we are not plugged in.

Depending on a temperature, we was preheating for 5 to 15 mins in Model S, yet it looks like we competence have to do it longer and during a aloft feverishness for Model 3 if a issues persist:

Last winter, Tesla also expelled a underline battery “pre-conditioning” to feverishness a battery container when a automobile is plugged in.

The automaker describes a feature:

“When temperatures are nearby freezing, preconditioning will also feverishness your battery for improved pushing and charging performance. We suggest we block in to revoke operation loss, and start pre-conditioning about an hour before we devise to leave given it can take some time to comfortable adult a battery in colder weather. Note: Requires automobile program chronicle 2017.50 or above.”

The underline is usually accessible when a feverishness is good next freezing. It hasn’t been transparent exactly, yet we will see partial of a battery ability turn blue in a app along with a snowflake icon:

I have seen it uncover adult in a Tesla mobile app for my Model S during about -15℃ and below.

Model 3 Range in Cold Weather

This is not singular to Model 3 or Tesla vehicles. It’s normal for any electric vehicles or even vehicles in general.

Cabin heating will take some appetite divided from a powertrain, yet a potency also goes down to a feverishness and winter tires.

Depending on a conditions, we should design 20 to 40% rebate in range. If we are peaceful to revoke your normal speed and revoke a cabin temperature, we should be means to extent a operation loss.

If it’s unequivocally cold outside, like -15℃ and below, we also need to design a lower assign rate during Supercharger stations given your battery container needs to feverishness adult before achieving a max assign rate.

In my experience, it is still ideally serviceable for highway trips, yet we need positively need to change your expectations contra long-distance transport in a warmer climate.

If we have anything to supplement about scheming your Model 3 for a winter, let us know in a criticism territory below.

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