Tesla Model 3 Is Cheaper Than Toyota Camry, ARK Analysis Concludes


Published on Apr 17th, 2019
by Zachary Shahan


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There are several ways to weigh cost competitiveness of an electric automobile (compared to a required gasmobile). we consider sum cost of tenure (TCO) generally creates a many sense, given it’s a many comprehensive. However, it’s also severe given we have to make several assumptions that can change dramatically from chairman to person, automobile to car, or even marketplace to market. You have to embody assumptions per miles/kilometers driven over a life of a analysis, years of ownership, destiny upkeep costs, destiny fuel costs, and depreciation.

We’ve conducted out possess TCO analyses many times — for a Tesla Model 3, a strange Nissan LEAF, and other electric cars. We’ve used a accumulation of assumptions, both to try to provoke out a best probable “average” unfolding and to uncover how many a numbers change when we change certain pivotal assumptions. We devise to tell many some-more TCO analyses given 1) they’re fun, 2) they’re useful, 3) there are many unconstrained comparisons to make, 4) they’re rarely educational.

Before we get behind to a own, though, we have one from ARK Invest to share with you. The new research from ARK indicates that a Tesla Model 3 (even a $44,500 Model 3 Long Range*) outcompetes a rarely renouned Toyota Camry on a sum cost of tenure basis. (*Note that Tesla’s prices/options have altered given this research was conducted. The Model 3 Long Range now starts during $49,500 and a Model 3 Standard Range Plus during $39,500.)

The biggest partial of many TCO analyses is indeed something that is mostly left out (because it’s tough to judge) — depreciation, or resale value. Tesla vehicles have historically hold their value utterly well, and ARK Invest jumped off of Kelley Blue Book’s super high Model 3 value influence forecast to uncover because a Model 3 is such a intelligent buy.

“Early this year, Kelley Blue Book (KBB) published a Best Resale Value Awards for 2019. According to KBB,1 over a three-year duration a Tesla Model 3 is expected to keep 69.3% of a strange sales price, 20+ commission points or 37% some-more than a Toyota Camry, that will keep 48.6%,” ARK researcher Sam Korus writes.

“While consumers typically review monthly remuneration skeleton when selling for cars, new justification suggests that TCO is commencement to impact their shopping decisions. In January, a CEO of Toyota North America noted that Tesla’s sales explain roughly half of Toyota’s 9% share detriment to other brands in a US. TCO also provides a good horizon to consider a addressable marketplace for a Model 3.”

We’ve fundamentally told this story in a possess approach several times, though a ARK research combined something quite interesting. The investment organisation showed how 2018 Tesla Model 3 sales compared to altogether sales of all cars in several cost brackets, and highlighted a Model 3 in a cost difficulty in that it fit. ARK afterwards altered things adult and looked during a same ubiquitous comparisons though regulating annual cost of ownership instead of upfront income price. The outcome creates it transparent a Model 3 has many some-more room to grow in a cost difficulty when you’re looking during annual cost of tenure rather than upfront income price. Here are a dual charts:

In a end, we consider there are 4 clever messages:

  1. The Tesla Model 3 is many some-more cost rival than an initial peek during a upfront income cost indicates.
  2. While a Model 3 dominates 2018 sales in a income cost shred it falls into, it is a many smaller apportionment of a marketplace in a annual cost of tenure shred it falls into.
  3. As some-more people come to learn about a Model 3’s rival annual cost of tenure (especially for what we get), there’s a lot of room for Model 3 sales to grow.
  4. This is formed on usually a 3 year cost of tenure analysis!

Also value remembering, Tesla CEO Elon Musk thinks that Model 3s with a Full Self Driving choice could see their value appreciate over time


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