Tesla Model 3 Convertible Coupe Rendered To Take On Mazda MX-5 Miata

Check out this rendered Tesla Model 3 automobile coupe. It’s utterly tastefully done, yet it seems this chronicle of a Model 3 is not so versatile.

Okay, so maybe it’s not so most a Model 3 anymore. However, we can clearly see that a Model 3 is a basement for this small, Mazda MX-5-like convertible.

As renderer Lem states on Twitter:

A while ago we tweeted about an hypothetical Tesla Roadster, about a same distance and figure as a Mazda MX-5. I’m forgetful of a smaller, lighter and cheaper sports #EV than Tesla’s tangible due Roadster 2. I’ve combined a integrate of new images. Let me know what we think!

It seems Lem’s idea is a small, lightweight, alfresco electric Tesla two-seater and that’s precisely what we see here.


The Tesla Roadster is a incomparable automobile than a renders seen here. The Roadster is not expected to be offering in automobile form either. Additionally, a Roadster is an all-out hypercar and it’s expensive.

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Admittedly, a marketplace for a two-seat automobile is substantially utterly small. However, there’s really a niche there and certainly Tesla could something like this during a high adequate volume for it to make sense, though initial adult is a Tesla Model Y, followed eventually by a Roadster and a most expected Tesla truck. Perhaps someday approach on down a road, Tesla could bend out into these smaller segments, though for now, a concentration needs to be on vehicles with mass appeal.

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