Tesla Model 3 Configurator Now With Interior Options Too

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Eric Loveday

Tesla Model 3 Via Unofficial Configurator

Tesla Model 3 Via Unofficial Configurator

A few weeks ago, an unofficial Tesla Model 3 configurator sprang to life on a Internet. At a time, a configurator had extraneous tone options and circle choices, though a interior was still a work in progress.

Now, a configurator has been updated to embody some interior options too.

Tesla Model 3 Interior Via Unofficial Configurator

Tesla Model 3 Interior Via Unofficial Configurator

Tesla Motors Club Forum member Bayol created the unofficial Model 3 configurator website. The site’s disclaimer clearly state that it’s not dependent with Tesla Motors in any proceed and that a photos don’t etch a tangible prolongation Model 3.


This site was speedy by fans and combined by an eager Model 3 reservation holder.  It is in no proceed dependent with Tesla Motors.  All photos etch fan done mockups of antecedent vehicles.

To configure your possess unaccepted Model 3, follow a couple below.

Source: Model3Config

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16 responses to “Tesla Model 3 Configurator (Unofficial) Now With Interior Options Too”

  1. Jim Whitehead says:

    Wow we get a stick position for once. 🙂

    This is one of a best fan-made sites ever. The Mock Configurator can closely proceed reality, as info leaks out over time. With a large trickle or two, we competence even get ridicule choice prices that people can see.

    After many people post their Mock cars, Tesla competence get a heads adult on Model 3 options and in a rumored spaceship Heads Up Display.

  2. no comment says:

    the pretension of this essay should state that this is an unaccepted configurator, since if we usually divulge that fact after a chairman has review a article, it comes opposite as click bait. i would have never review this essay if i had famous that it was only about a tesla fan website.

    1. Brian says:

      boo fricking hoo

      1. Jay Cole says:

        no comment,

        Never a goal to come opposite that way…added in a “unofficial” to a title, (=

        1. Anon says:

          Was gonna element ya on adding a disclaimer to forestall a successive Rage-FUDing, though we see we was too late…

          Sometimes, it’s a suspicion that counts. And we did consider about it. So, acclamation to ya. 🙂

        2. no comment says:

          it’s my error on this one since i should have review a lurch underneath a pretension some-more closely. if i had, i would have been means to figure out that he was referring to an unaccepted configurator.

          1. Jay Cole says:

            Its no worries, we make each bid to only news news as it presents itself, and have people confirm adult front if they wish to rivet a article…I can see how this one competence not have presented itself clearly enough.

            Honestly, we unequivocally make positively no bid to “bait” anyone, or write stories with that in mind (hence, all a weird, niche stories about problematic plug-ins one mostly finds clogging adult a front page)…I consider anyone of a ~40 peculiar people who have created here over a past ~4 years would contend that.

            The criteria for edition is: ‘if a subject (good or bad) interests us (as EV enthusiasts first), afterwards was pass it along’…which is because a site has distant too many pieces on a Renault Twizy, we privately have a soothing mark for it, (=

    2. Bob says:

      You should have stayed loyal to your shade name and done no comment.

    3. evcarstugatso says:

      Yea, me too it’s a “click bait”…No satisfactory male !………..lol

  3. Carcus says:

    Pearl White paint
    Grey turbine wheels
    White headliner
    Wood decor
    Tan leather

    oooh yeah…

    1. Anon says:

      I like china wheels and Titanium paint. Tis a tad early to anticipate a interior, though we do cite cloth seats over leather.

  4. jmac says:

    * Flat, olive burl lurch row with chrome trim
    * All gauges analog, aircraft character with chrome bezels.
    * Cabin controls – nickle plated toggle switches – chrome.
    * No clutter, wiring giveaway cabin.
    * Shag runner headliner
    * Domestic, plantation lifted alligator seats
    * Body tone – burnt orange
    * Solid black convene wheels

    ** Optional hang around sunglasses holder

    1. Carcus says:

      I consider they wrote a strain about it….

      1. ffbj says:

        That is some aged tuneage:

  5. jmac says:

    You win, we win, we win….

    Eventually, we will never hold a steering circle or press a symbol or chuck a switch. The dashboard will totally disappear along with a steering wheel. You will simply step into your automobile and pronounce out a end and we will be driven there automatically.

    All a aged pushing thrills will be separated one by one as a earthy control of vehicles will be handed over to computers.

    I don’t even wish to consider how computers will screw adult sex in a future…..

  6. Acevolt says:

    Cool site. He should supplement estimated prices and battery and twin engine options only to theory during packages formed on a rumors. It would be fun to build and price.

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