Tesla Model 3 Buries Rivals (Again) In September, Toyota Prius Also-Ran

Tesla Model 3.Credit: Tesla

Tesla is definitely winning EVs sales historically and dejected rivals in September, as earlier immature automobile heavenly Toyota has faded to an also-ran.

In September, Tesla outsold rivals by tens of thousands of units, led by a impassioned Model 3. The association sole roughly 30,000 EVs, according to an guess published by InsideEVs.

Of those, a sum of 22,250 were Model 3s. And that outsized sales series is permitting Tesla to mangle divided from a pack.

The next-closest in Sep was General Motors with 3,689 section sales (also an estimate).

Toyota — a onetime personality of a immature automobile movement  — was third, posting 2,213 EV sales (Prius Prime).

Nissan sole 1,563 Leaf EVs in September, that was indeed an uptick in sales.

Looking closer during GM’s numbers, a early EV colonize is also losing belligerent to Tesla. Chevy Bolt EV sales in September, during 1,549 — despite a decent display for a Bolt — were a fragment of Model 3 sales. And a Bolt (a pristine EV) continued to route GM’s other plug-in, a Chevy Volt (a plug-in hybrid) that posted sales of 2,129 in September. The Volt has been consistently outselling a Bolt given Mar of this year.

The slip in Bolt sales is due to a change in allocation to Canada and South Korea and hence low bonds in a U.S., a GM orator told CNBC this past week. In a third quarter, Bolt sales were down 41 percent compared to a same time final year.

Plug-in Vehicles in Sep (courtesy InsideEVs):

  • Tesla* – 29,975
  • General Motors* – 3,689
  • Toyota – 2,213
  • Honda – 2,200
  • BMW Group – 1,858
  • Nissan – 1,563

Anecdotal customer reports indicate that Tesla stores are relocating lots of Model 3s and, in some cases, Tesla pick-up locations have been mobbed by buyers in a past several weeks.

Cumulative EV sales tip one million in a U.S. — Tesla leads with 274,000

Tesla tops in all-time EV sales during 273,773** with GM posting a clever 193,430 EVs sold, InsideEVs said, citing EV sales that have surpassed one million in a U.S. for a initial time.

Nissan was third during 125,513 and Ford fourth with 110,130.

EV sales began in aspiring in late 2010 and early 2011 when a Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf went on sale.




Some reports have claimed that a Tesla Model 3 has turn a fifth best-selling sedan in a U.S. after a Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla, a Honda Civic and Honda Accord.

**Tesla numbers do not embody a Tesla Roadster.

GM accumulative numbers also embody some lesser-known EVs and plug-ins such as a Chevy Spark EV and Cadillac ELR.

Cadillac ELR, a plug-in hybrid dropped by GM in 2016.Credit: General Motors


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