Tesla Model 3 accessories

When we get a new Tesla Model 3, it comes sincerely good equipped, though it still needs a few accessories – some like any other cars and others privately for a Model 3.

I purchased, or requested examination units, for over 30 accessories to use with a Model 3 and comparison a best ones for this post after perplexing them on my possess Model 3.

Some of them we report as “must-have” since we consider they are critical to a tenure experience, assistance with safety, or assistance keep value over time.

Others are more about aesthetics, that is since I added a few “nice-to-have” instead of “must-have” during a bottom.

Update 10/11/18: a essay was updated with new equipment and prices.

Tesla Model 3 accessories

Portable Air Compressor Pump

A tiny unstable atmosphere compressor is good to have in any car, though it can arguably be even some-more critical in a Model 3, generally if we tend to have operation anxiety.

To grasp a best potency and optimal range, it is critical that we contend a endorsed atmosphere vigour in your tires.

If we cite comfort over operation and efficiency, we can always slightly deflate your tires as endorsed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk:

I went with the EPAuto 12V DC Portable Air Compressor Pump (~$40 on Amazon update: now $35 special). It works with a 12V opening in a core console of a Model 3 and it simply fits in a revoke partial territory of a Model 3’s trunk.

Quick Tire Repair Kit

Again, that is another appendage that is good for any car, though it is arguably some-more critical for a Model 3 since it doesn’t have a gangling tire, like many complicated cars.

There are roadside assistance services now that make this reduction relevant, though we like to be prepared for anything. Having a tiny tire correct container on house gives some assent of mind.

I used this stop and go kit ($45 on Amazon) and leave it with a atmosphere pump. Of course, it won’t work for all repairs, though anyone can use it for a many common problems like using over nails and things like that.

Model 3 Center Screen Protector

Now that’s something specific to a Model 3. we adore a core touchscreen, though it is a fingerprint magnet.

It also appears utterly vulnerable, like a smartphone screen, so we motionless to implement a shade protector.

I used the Topfit Tempered Glass Touch Screen Protector ($37 on Amazon) custom-made for a Model 3. The designation is ultra elementary and it is forgiving. we conduct to mislay any atmosphere burble in a few minutes.

They contend it reduces a thoughtfulness and fingerprints. we definitely noticed reduction blemish and fingerprints, though we feel like a thoughtfulness is a same with or though a gradual glass.

It also doesn’t impact a responsiveness of a touchscreen.

I suggest a product. It both improves your knowledge and it also protects a screen, that will help your automobile keep a value.

Update: some people endorsed to me to another cheaper one ($25 on Amazon). It appears to be similar, though we can't attest for a efficacy like a Topfit one above.

Model 3 Center Console Wrap

Now this sounds like a quite aesthetic accessory and not a “must-have”, though I’d disagree that it is indeed essential.

If we consider a touchscreen is a fingerprint magnet, wait until we see a smudges on a piano black core console:

On tip of a smudges, we consider a glossy black of a core console creates it apparent that it is plastic. It sticks out like a bruise ride in an differently great-looking interior.

The good news is that it is a comparatively easy fix.

A garland of vendors started charity wraps custom-made for a Model 3 core console. we attempted a few and we rarely suggest it.

It improves your whole interior for a few bucks and about 30 mins of work.

After perplexing a few opposite ones, we find that we cite Kenriko’s Model 3 console wraps. we now have a Matrix Black one ($30 on Amazon). we like it so many that we consider and we will also do the doorway trims so that zero in a interior looks like plastic.

They also offer a garland of opposite colors like Matte Black and Matte White. we know it’s subjective, though we consider any of them looks improved than a glossy black. we don’t know since Tesla went with that since it creates it demeanour cheap.

Model 3 building mats

I’d disagree that building mats are a must-have in many climates. For my Model S, we bought Tesla’s possess building mats and we regretted it. They are really costly and in my opinion, they are too bulky.

For my Model 3, we tested a few opposite ones and we consider we am gripping the ToughPRO Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats Set ($85 on Amazon):

It’s a fragment of a cost of Tesla’s possess set and we consider it meshes a lot improved with a interior.

Of course, building mats creates it a lot easier to purify and it will also revoke building wear, that is going to assistance your automobile keep a value.

Tough Pro also has another building pad container for Model 3 that also includes mats for a trunk, frunk, and a storage area ($200 on Amazon).

Model 3 Door Sill Clear Protection Vinyl

This one competence sound dumb, though we consider it’s important. From my knowledge with a Model S and what we are already saying on some Model 3’s, a chrome entrance is simply theme to scratches.

I commissioned a simple Premium 3M Scotchgard Pro Material ($28 on Amazon) on any side:

It takes 5 mins and we can’t see a disproportion once it’s dry. It’s another pretence to assistance keep a automobile primitive and assistance keep a value.

Model 3 Wireless Phone Charger

Now that’s not indispensably a must-have for everyone, though it is for me. Tesla’s phone charging setup didn’t work good for me. we could never get my phone to slip in properly.

These days, many phones are versed with wireless charging record and adding a charging pad to a core console creates chagring your phone in a Model 3 a lot easier.

I attempted a garland of opposite ones and we find a Nomad charging pad custom-made for a Model 3 to be a best choice by far:

It fits ideally into a territory of a core console done to reason a phones. It is also versed with a battery pack, that solemnly charges from a USB outlets underneath a console in sequence to broach a energy quicker by a battery pack.

It’s a ideal resolution in each approach solely for a price. Nomad creates “premium” products and that’s reflected in their prices.

Their Model 3 wireless horse costs $150. They are now taking pre-orders for a subsequent prolongation collection during $130.

You can also make a Nomad a lot improved with a twin USB pier 12v charger ($9 on Amazon) and 2 male-to-female USB cables ($6.50 on Amazon) in sequence to block into a 12v opening instead of a front USB outlets, that can also be used for things like Tesla’s dashcam feature.

If we don’t wish to spend that kind of money, we can always use one of those one-size-fits-all unchanging wireless chargers.

Keep your Model 3 clean

You have a pleasing new automobile and we are going to wish to keep it clean.

Of course, there are tons of opposite ways to do that and everybody has their possess preferences, though here’s my possess favorite: Waterless Car Wash Wax Kit ($38 on Amazon):

It’s a elementary highly-rated product that can be used though or with usually really small water.

For a interior, cord-free handheld vacuums are really useful if don’t already have one. Dyson has one generally for cars ($200 on Amazon), though there are also cheaper options.

Nice-to-have Tesla Model 3 Accessories

Those following accessories are not “must-have” in my opinion, though some of them could be engaging to some of you.

I like the Custom Fit Cup and Center Console Liner for Tesla Model 3 ($25 on Amazon). Cleaning inside those things after spilling some coffee or something is always a nightmare. This accessory creates it a lot easier.

You can also reinstate your reservoir lights in 5 mins with those cool-looking lights ($43 on Amazon) that plan Tesla’s trademark on a ground:

Not specific to Model 3, though it’s also always good to have a roadside reserve container ($42 on Amazon) inside your automobile to always be prepared.

If we don’t have a Model 3 Performance, we can still get a aluminum pedal-look ($46 on Amazon).

Chrome undo is also apropos renouned with a Model 3 and some products are now accessible only for a doorway handles.

It’s an engaging and inexpensive choice to a full chrome undo and removing some good reviews ($20 on Amazon):

It’s accessible in all a opposite tone options for a Model 3.

Some people also endorsed adding heatshields/sunshade to a list. It’s not something we use a lot in Quebec, though if we are somewhere balmy and we need to park outside, it’s going to be a good investment ($40 on Amazon):

Here are all a discerning links to buy those products if we are meddlesome (update: some equipment have been sole out after this post went live, though we can still sequence many of them as they restock subsequent week):

If we have other cold Tesla Model 3 accessories, greatfully strech out to me and I’ll check them out for destiny updates to this post.

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