Tesla Model 3 = #21 Best Selling Car In USA. #15 In May? #6 In Jun Or July?


Published on May 6th, 2018
by Zachary Shahan


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Tesla is one of a many renouned companies in a US, so because wouldn’t it have one of a many renouned cars, right?

Well, of march it does — it got hundreds of thousands of reservations for a Tesla Model 3 on opening weekend.

The problem given reservations initial started pouring in is that a association has had to learn to furnish those cars during a massive, fast, fit scale. Tesla’s been operative on that and we’re starting to see a critical ramp adult in production. In fact, formed on monthly sales (technically, deliveries, though strictly counted as sales in this context), a Model 3 is already one of a tip offered cars in a country.

To be clear, we’re unequivocally articulate cars in this square — not SUVs, pickup trucks, or other behemoths of a road. We’re articulate a Toyota Camry, a Honda Civic, a Toyota Corolla, a Honda Accord, etc. Behind those tip 4 models, you’ve got some Nissans, Fords, and Hyundais heading a market. Here’s a full tip 20 list and their Apr sales totals:

  1. Toyota Camry — 29,848
  2. Honda Civic — 28,399
  3. Toyota Corolla — 25,896
  4. Honda Accord — 21,751
  5. Nissan Sentra — 16,999
  6. Hyundai Elantra — 14,044
  7. Ford Focus — 13,001
  8. Ford Fusion — 12,871
  9. Nissan Altima — 10,400
  10. Hyundai Sonata — 9,616
  11. Kia Forte — 9,199
  12. Kia Soul — 8,825
  13. Subaru Impreza — 8,496
  14. Kia Optima — 8,276
  15. Toyota Prius — 7,420
  16. Ford Mustang — 7,125
  17. Dodge Charger — 6,632
  18. Nissan Versa — 5,998
  19. Dodge Challenger — 5,892
  20. Mercedes-Benz C-Class — 5,148

We don’t have a accurate series for a Tesla Model 3, though Tesla’s graph on a matter in a new quarterly financier minute seemed to prove somewhat fewer sales than a Mercedes C-Class. Perhaps 5,000? Perhaps 4,700? I’m estimating 4,777.

As we can see, 4,000 Model 3’s a week — or 16,000 a month* — could put a Model 3 in a #6 position. Tesla’s comparatively near-term aim (by finish of Q2) is 5,000 Model 3’s a week, though that is presumably by a unequivocally finish of Jun (not an normal of a whole month) and there’s a decent possibility Tesla could skip a target. Thus, a some-more reasonable normal for Jun — or even Jul — competence be 4,000 a week.

Let’s get unequivocally bearish and assume a disturbingly tiny 3,000 Model 3’s a week in June. With 12,000 cars for a month, even that would make a Model 3 a 9th “best selling” automobile in a United States. BMW 3 Series? Mercedes-Benz C-Class? Sorry, we mislaid lane of you.

Will Tesla finally turn a “serious” automaker if a scenarios above turn reality? One would wish that would be concurred many some-more than it is today, though never count out the shorts’ ability to repudiate reality.

Rewinding (a word that seems to have left out of character for some reason) to May, we could be conservative/pessimistic and assume only 2,000 a week — or 8,000 a month. That would put a Model 3 during #15, right forward of a prior immature automobile leader, a Toyota Prius. (Again, that’s formed on regulating Apr sales total for a other models.) That’s still a flattering intolerable display when we consider of how distant a common electric carmaker has now come.

Our US electric automobile sales charts are going to demeanour severely out of balance, identical to how a French electric automobile sales charts are mangled by comparatively high sales of a Renault Zoe. Stay tuned for a subsequent US electric sales news early tomorrow morning.

In a meantime, check out a bottom prices of a tip offered cars in a United States. Notice anything peculiar about how a Model 3 fits in there?


To tighten on a unequivocally critical note, a doubt is: If a Silicon Valley startup that’s hardly a teen can grasp such a showing, how is it that a vast automobile association can’t furnish a some-more rival electric vehicle? Why can’t BMW Produce an i3 or i4 or i7 that pulls in hundreds of thousands of reservations? Why can’t Ford furnish an electric automobile that knocks a pants off a Toyota Prius in value for a money? What’s adult with a “big boys” and because can’t they compete? Why can’t they put an electric automobile in a tip 20, tip 10, or tip 5?

Admittedly, Sergio Marchionne and we have common our opinions on all of that a few times.

*Yes, in each example, my assumptions cringe months to 28 days — though hey, they’re all only severe estimates anyway. 

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