Tesla Miata-size automobile formed on Model 3: Love it or Hate it

The EV marketplace still lacking a fun Miata-size automobile and a digest artist attempted to suppose what it would demeanour like if Tesla gave it a shot formed on Model 3: Love it or Hate it?

There are all-electric roadsters on a marketplace and some-more entrance though they are mostly focused on a higher-end of a market.

Tesla has a next-gen Roadster entrance and while a specs are impressive, we are articulate about a $200,000+ car.

What we are articulate about is a “Mazda Miata of electric cars.”

A light 2-seater with no some-more than a ~50 kWh battery pack, like a bottom Model 3, and it would still get over 200 miles of operation interjection to a weight and form factor.

While a Mazda Miata cost indicate would be tough to achieve, it could ad slightest be sole for underneath $50,000.

We haven’t seen many companies going for that marketplace aside for Electra Meccanica with a Tofino, that checks a lot of those boxes, though a car is still distant from attack a market.

Design editor and digest artist Lem Bingley attempted to suppose what it would demeanour like if Tesla would try to make something in this shred formed on a Model 3.

He pronounced on Twitter:

“A while ago we tweeted about an hypothetical Tesla Roadster, about a same distance and figure as a Mazda MX-5. I’m forgetful of a smaller, lighter and cheaper sports electric car than Tesla’s tangible due Roadster 2. I’ve combined a integrate of new images. Let me know what we think!”

Here are a images of Bingley’s Mazda MX-5-like Tesla Roadster (via Twitter):

The car is borrowing several pattern facilities from a Model 3 and regulating a form cause of a Miata.

What do we consider of a vehicle? Love it or hate?

Electrek’s Take

Personally, we am a large fan. we adore what Tesla is doing with a new Roadster and a “smackdown” they wish to give to gas-powered supercars, though we consider that there’s also really a place on a marketplace for something like this.

Something to give Mazda Miata and BMW Z4 buyers an all-electric option.

I don’t consider it should be Tesla’s priority, though other companies should really aim this segment.

What do we think? Let us know in a criticism territory below.

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