Tesla is releasing new Model 3 program refurbish to regulate Autopilot for some-more features

It’s a bustling week for Tesla’s program team. Its car lineup is flourishing and it looks like there’s something for each vehicle. After the new ‘Autopilot 2.5’ program update and new preference features, now Tesla says that it is also updating a Model 3 program with new features.

Like it was a box with Model S and Model X vehicles versed with Autopilot 2.5 hardware, Model 3’s Autopilot hardware will also need to be recalibrated.

Tesla wrote about a arriving refurbish in an email to Model 3 owners this week:

“To take advantage of this update, we will need to recalibrate a Autopilot hardware on your car by pushing on straight, well-marked roads for a sum of 50 miles. Please keep in mind that recalibration time can change formed on highway types. After this calibration process, Parallel and Perpendicular Autopark will be newly enabled, and Autopilot will resume normal operation. There is no need for a use visit.”

The automaker says that some-more facilities are entrance around over-the-air updates. They also recently introduced Homelink and Auto Mirror Tilt with new updates.

Recent closer looks during a Model 3’s software showed that it’s distant from a finished chronicle and it desperately needs a few program updates.

Beyond bettering a Autopilot to a vehicle, it looks like Tesla is still bettering a stream Model S and Model X user applications to a Model 3.

Tesla went from a straight shade (center touchscreen) and a plane shade (instrument cluster) in Model S and Model X to a singular plane shade in Model 3.

While it competence not seem like much, bettering all a opposite software applications to a opposite screens is indeed a good task.

Hopefully for Model 3 reservation holders, a complement will some-more finish by a time deliveries start for unchanging customers. Though like Tesla’s other vehicles, serve updates are approaching over time as Tesla improves on a program features.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently reiterated that they are still in “production hell”, though he is nonetheless assured that a prolongation rate will significantly increase via a stream entertain and Tesla maintains a aim for deliveries to business after this month.

In a meantime, Tesla is stability to broach Model 3 vehicles to employees, family members of employees, and association insiders who indeed assistance Tesla work by a early prolongation hurdles.

As we recently reported, aside from a software, Tesla had to reinstate Model 3 headlights, battery, seats, and some-more while going by ‘production hell’.

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