Tesla hopes to broach all-wheel expostulate Model 3 in Jul – Engadget

At present, Tesla is creation just over 2,000 Model 3 units per week. That’s most improved than it has been, yet Musk wants prolongation to boost to 5,000 cars per week before he’s gentle with AWD. That gives we a spirit as to how good things are faring — Tesla creatively designed to strike that idea by final December.

The timing gives would-be AWD owners an expectancy of when their cars competence arrive, though. And Tesla expected has adequate orders for a stream Model 3 pattern (the RWD book with a high-capacity battery) that it’s not underneath too most vigour to broach additional variants. The bigger regard is simply that those who wanted a $35,000 car, a reason a Model 3 exists in a initial place, might have to wait even longer to get their EVs.

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