Tennessee motorcyclist killed in six-vehicle wreck nearby fee piazza on Florida Turnpike in Lake County – Villages

A Tennessee motorcyclist has died as a outcome of a six-vehicle wreck Saturday morning nearby a fee piazza on a Florida Turnpike in Lake County.

David Kibble, 61, had been roving a 2014 Honda motorcycle during 11:45 a.m. nearby Mile Marker 288 when it was struck by a Ford pickup driven by 23-year-old Christopher Garner of Texas, according to an collision news from a Florida Highway Patrol. His lorry also struck a 2007 Nissan Murano driven by 38-year-old Nickie Rivers of Tallahassee.

The pickup lorry had unsuccessful to delayed for traffic.

The chain-reaction pile-up also concerned a 2015 motorhome driven by 52-year-old Juan Guzman of Boca Raton, a 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe driven by 33-year-old Angela Dziegielewski of Gainesville and a 2013 Chevy Cruz driven by Maria Hernandez of Austell, Ga.

Kibble was ecstatic to Leesburg Regional Medical Center where he died of injuries suffered in a crash.

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