Teen suspected of crashing Nissan GTR into Toyota during Stadium …

SINGAPORE — A 19-year-old male will be charged in justice on Monday (April 24) for his impasse in an collision involving a Nissan GTR and a Toyota automobile during a open-space automobile park nearby Stadium Road on Aug 27, 2016.

A 65-year-old male was severely harmed as a outcome of a collision final year, that occurred during about 5.45pm, a military pronounced in a matter on Sunday (April 23).

The suspect, who was 18 during a time of a accident, was arrested by a military on Aug 29, 2016 for dangerous pushing and holding partial in an unapproved speed hearing in a Nissan GTR.

The 65-year-old motorist of a Toyota automobile reportedly postulated injuries to his ribs as a outcome of a collision.

The Nissan GTR was impounded by Traffic Police.

If found guilty of a unreasonable act causing disgusting hurt, a think is probable to be jailed for adult to 4 years, or a excellent that might extend to $10,000, or both.

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