Survey eases fears of pickup cannibalization

LOS ANGELES — As FCA US and Ford Motor Co. ready their earnings to a midsize pickup shred over a subsequent several months, a consult suggests consumers are holding a minute demeanour during a offerings and that new midsize pickup business might quit from some startling segments.

The consult of 1,460 stream automobile shoppers — conducted in mid-November by in response to a entrance introduction of a Jeep Gladiator and Ford Ranger — found that 62 percent of those polled would possibly “definitely” cruise a new compress or midsize pickup or “probably” buy one, compared with 33 percent who weren’t interested.

The consult also found that a biggest pool of intensity new buyers is expected to be among sports automobile and coupe owners, while a slightest meddlesome shoppers for smaller pickups were owners of full-size pickups.

Autolist says 38 percent of owners of sports cars or flesh cars would “definitely” cruise offered a compress or midsize pickup, along with 33 percent of coupe owners. Meanwhile, only 19 percent of owners of full-size pickups offered for new vehicles pronounced they would cruise a smaller trucks.

If a survey’s commentary are deputy of a altogether offered pool, it would be good news for automakers offered vast and tiny pickups. The Detroit 3 killed their midsize pickup offerings during opposite points years ago, in vast partial since they felt a smaller pickups — with thinner margins — were cannibalizing intensity sales of some-more essential full-size pickups.

But if automobile or crossover owners are peaceful to drop a toe into a midsize pickup segment, while full-size pickup buyers sojourn where they are, that would be a recipe for larger profitability opposite a board.

“We’re about to enter a golden epoch for lifestyle trucks,” pronounced Chase Disher, arch researcher during



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